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Provo Fireworks

Hey everyone, I just have a quick question. The 4th of July is coming and I was just wondering where is the best place to watch the fireworks. I've heard there will be many fireworks at the Stadium of Fire.

Would it be a good idea to hike up into Y mountian or better to sit outside the stadium to watch. Yeah, I am too poor to actually get into the stadium. =(

Are there any other great sites where we might go? Thanks very much, happy 4th.


Motorcycle Insurance

Have you ever wanted something really badly... but felt too guilty to act.

For years I have been tempted to buy a motorcycle. I admit, I love motorcycles, both sport bikes and some cruisers. There is something subtly beautiful in motorcycles... you should see the new sleek Suzuki Boulevard M109R.

Now here is the problem! I always talk myself out of buying one.

First, they are dangerous (or at least more than a car). But, if you are careful, mature, and a skilled rider, you can reduce the risks somewhat.

Second, in Utah a bike is half useless. A winter ride may very well be your last ride. Yet, despite the half-a-year value, the serene mountain roads with summer vistas add some bonus points.

So, as you can see I am wandering in the middle of the road on this decision. I always get to this point and then realize there is one more thing. And it tips the balance...

Can anything be done?

Who can help me when:

The Internet company automatically charges my credit card for January service in June because they forgot to charge me in January and sometime in April I had cancelled automatic billing?

The traffic office charges me twice for the ONE ticket I received and won't fix the error?

The auto repair shop doesn't correctly fix my car the first OR second time?

The rental car place claims the auto repair shop won't pay for the rental and charges my card even though I told them they were not authorized and to send me a paper bill?

Moving boxes

I am moving within the week and I am wondering if there is any way for me to get some free boxes to do so. I can't find anything on Craigslist, and anything I do find they want me to give them $80 which I am not willing to do. I only need like 10 boxes but I don't want to pay for them. Any tricks?

Good places to eat?

My wife and I are always looking for new places to eat. Eating out is definitely one of our hobbies. Lately though, we have been at a loss. We want to find some new places to eat that we haven't tried before. So I thought I would put the question to the Pulse. What are your favorite eateries here in the Valley? Let's all share so everyone can get out and try some great new food.

Some of our favs:
Ice Cream: Sub Zero in New York Burrito in Orem (ice cream made with liquid nitrogen!)
Bombay House (my fav)
Burgers at The Malt Shoppe: cheap and pretty good.

The dreaded parking ticket

I recieved a parking ticket from Provo City about 2 months ago, that I have not yet paid. I was wondering if anyone could tell me what will happen to me if this is never paid?

Daily Universe links on the right side of this page

I was wondering what's up with the links to Daily Universe articles along the right side of Provo Pulse ... for a while they didn't update, and now they have links to a bunch of old DU articles from the 1970's.

Age old Parking Debate...possibly the seeds of the booting ordinance?
FHE limited to an hour for BYU Students
Long hair and bushy sideburns rear their non-conformist heads in the 70's too
Dallin Oaks called as BYU President
The first direct descendent of Joseph Smith gets the Melchizedek Priesthood
Blacks allowed to receive the Priesthood

Is this on purpose or accidental? Either way those articles are pretty interesting ... looks like the DU was a better read back in those days ... though

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