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World of Warcraft Slays Two BYU Students

A group of armored warriors gets ambushed by axe-wielding orcs. Fortunately, however, after the computer carnage is over…it’s just a computer game and no one goes home hurt. Or maybe that’s what it seems like.

At first glance, World of Warcraft is a colorful world with thousands of online players exploring, leveling-up, trading goods, and participating in dungeon raids. Even if you’re not into video games, the strange fantastical landscapes might catch your eye.

I remember meeting my roommate two years ago. He was sitting behind his computer with a headset, journeying with his comrades through a lava-filled cave. We chatted superficially while he played. He was a really cool guy and seemed completely normal at first.

Laptops for UVSC multimedia students?

This is more or less a plea for information. Since the spring I've heard here and there that some of the MCT computer labs are being taken out, and that all Multimedia students are going to be required to buy laptops to bring to class every day... is this right?

The bookstore seemed to think so, I went in to check out what they had, and they told me to hold off purchasing until they put together some discount bundles.

Does anyone know for sure what's happening? This seems like a fairly big deal, but I can't find out what's going on.

Apple quickies

How's this for irony:


To the growing frustration and annoyance of Microsoft's management, Apple Computer's iPod is wildly popular among Microsoft's workers.

"About 80 percent of Microsoft employees who have a portable music player have an iPod," said one source, a high-level manager who asked to remain anonymous. "It's pretty staggering."

The source estimated 80 percent of Microsoft employees have a music player -- that translates to 16,000 iPod users among the 25,000 who work at or near Microsoft's corporate campus. "This irks the management team no end," said the source.

So popular is the iPod, executives are increasingly sending out memos frowning on its use.

In other news, here's an entertaining review of Apple's Mac Mini.

Wheelin' & Dealin' paid off a Free iPod & Free Flatscreen

Mason was skeptical when he heard the first words of "free iPod" come out of my lips - but the truth was told when over Christmas break I finally did receive the free 20 GB iPod and the free 17" flat panel monitor that I had advertised for in the previous two months. I posted some pictures on my site, and who would venture over there but the Masedog himself... a few hours later, wham - who signed up for a free photo iPod? Yes, your beloved ProvoPulse blogger. Anyways, the lastest craze continues with offers from the same company, Gratis Internet, the provider of my free high tech stuff, with continuing offers of: Free 40 GB Photo Ipods, Free Pentium 4 Desktop PCs, Free Gaming Systems (XBox / PS2 / GameCube / DS) - only 4 referrals, and the newest and greatest as of only 2 days ago (Wedneday Jan 12, 2004) the launch of: Free 1 GB iPod Shuffles - the USB Flash Drive/Mp3 Players - for only 3 Referrals! and yes the latest Free Mac Mini, for a hefty 10. Currently there are also new sign up offers that will credit you instantly. What are you all waiting for? Just check out the testimonials, pictures, and offers at

Free CD / DVD burning software for XP

I haven't actually tried this myself, and I don't usually post this sort of stuff, but good burning software is hard to come by. This, however, looks really nice. Plus, it's totally free.

Play 20 Questions against a computer

Now all we need is something like this to tell us what's wrong with our computers.

Microsoft wants $100 dollar PCs

From the evil-empire-is-scared dept.
CNET's reported that Steve Ballmer said "There has to be ... a $100 computer to go down-market in some of these countries. We have to engineer [PCs] to be lighter and cheaper." Why? Because Windows is being pirated too much. Oh darn. Read my complete rant here. Yes, it is a shameless plug. Not nearly as bad as Ballmer and Microsoft crying about losing money though. Color me disgusted.

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