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BYU issues

support cloak boy

another injustice has occurred on byu campus. relevant links:

byu police beat, see january 24th
daily universe readers forum, see chill out
facebook cloak boy support group

join the facebook group. wear a cloak. sing in public. fight the man.

Prioritized Seating

I’m a senior and will be graduating in August 2008. I should be happy right? Wrong. I’m a little perturbed. My wife and I have bought an All-Sports Pass for the past two years and have enjoyed the play on the field but not the vantage point. That is to say we have not had the best seats. In fact they have been horrible.

Might I suggest something to the BYU Athletic Department – seat selection by credit hour. Let the seniors at the university sit toward the bottom and get the socialite, ignorant, stand-on-the bench faux fan freshmen at the top. This is the University of Michigan’s seating program, the more credits at the university you have, the closer you sit to the action. I quote, “Your football seating priority will be determined by the total number of credit hours you have earned at Michigan … Transfer and Advance Placement credits do not apply toward seating priority. All seating among students holding the same priority will be based on random selection. Student seating will begin with seniors in the bottom rows and proceed in order by class with freshmen being placed in the top rows of the stadium. All students with over 84 credit hours earned at Michigan will be considered the top priority group.”

Police Absurdity

I am writing to inform students of how ridiculous the current BYU police departments’ bike parking policy is. Yesterday I had my bike lock cut and my bike impounded for locking it up in a place I was given permission to park, and had parked, every single day for an entire semester without incident. What I don't understand is why it was necessary for them to cut the lock and impound a licensed bike rather than simply placing a note on the bike telling me to longer park in that spot?

Another reasonable solution would have been a parking ticket if it was really such a big deal? But leave it to the BYU police who have nothing better to do than makeup absurd policies whereby without any notice they cut bike locks and impound students’ bikes. What is next? Are going to tow cars if they are unsure if they are illegally parked?

My situation was even more absurd because I was given permission by the building facility rep to park it in that location because my bike was getting damaged in the overcrowded BYU bike racks. This is just another way that BYU police are working to better serve students.

Dang funny NCMO article - "NCMO Plague"

I got a kick out of this recent short article in the opinion section of the daily universe:

NCMO plague

Christmas season has arrived and the mistletoe is breaking out, but is there any need for it? I’m pretty sure there’s already more NCMO and lust than BYU needs. Winter semester is nigh, and a fresh boatload of RMs are due to come with empty canteens. Simultaneously, RMs are refilling and the pre mi’s are chugging (for “mission prep”).

This campus is already a shining example to the rest of the world, being stone cold sober among other things; however, we certainly have not reached our highest potential. I find good girls lowering their standards to meet with those of many of the guys making selfish decisions to satisfy their scummy sensual desires. Seems like many girls during Halloween decided to figure out some way to make whatever they were dressed up as to be a scandalous version of it. It’s actually very sad, because in a lot of the cases, it is because of superficial guys only giving attention to the girls that cheapen their worth to that level.

BYU Book Exchange

Hello everyone,

Now that school has started everyone will be on the book search. In fact this post may be too late... but oh well, better late than never.

If you are looking to get great prices on your textbooks use the BYU Book Exchange. This is a website that is actually built, owned and maintained by BYU. You can get to it via "Route Y". It's under students > services > Book Exchange

Or here is a direct link:

The book exchange is just a classifieds type system that works great. It's safe, secure and easy. I haven't bought a book from the book store in a long time. I always pay less than book store used prices and I sell for more than book store buy back prices.

If more people use this free BYU built service than we will all pay less on text books. Check it out now.

BYU Housing, Apartment and Condos

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