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Calling All Performers!

We are organizing a benefit dance performance to be performed July 28-30. But wait! This show isn't just a dolly-dinkle way to justify asking people for money. Oh no. We are inviting 12 student choreographers to create pieces for our show. Each choreographer will create two dances, and the dances must be linked somehow. How? Well, that's up to you. And to help you create the very best work you can, we have a panel of professional choreographers who have agreed to mentor your works-in-progress. This is a great chance for you hone your skills or try something new. Applications can be found at

All dance genres are welcome. We are organizing a diverse, vibrant performance.
No previous choreography experience is required.

And for those of you who don't want to choreograph, but who want to come see the terrifically creative dances, our show (Take Two) will be performed July 28-30, 7 p.m. at Classical Ballet Academy (875 S 170 W, Provo). Tickets will be $5, available at the door.

Comic Book Artists Come to Provo!

Hey All,
If you are a fan of comic books, stories, and great art be sure to check out this comic book creator signing!

Customer Appreciation Day Event 2008 w/

Comic Book Creators!

All are invited to Customer Appreciation Day at Dragons Keep on Saturday March 15th! We are celebrating YOU!
This will be a day filled with gaming, comics & all kinds of crazy fun! There will be a FREE sketches and comic
books signings by our guest creators. There will also be Sales, Prizes, Gaming, and SO MUCH MORE!
Backstock comic books will be on sale! Come and check out our awesome comic sale the day of the event.
Recently added 3,000 additional backstock comics will be available that have never before been displayed
in the store! COME & SEE US!

Dragons Keep Customer Appreciation Day & Creator Signing is a family-oriented event. This is our
chance to say thank you to you the fans and our supporters! This will also be a great opportunity to
interact with some of the comic industries top creators currently working in comic books. Our guest
creators have not only worked in comic books, but also in cartoons/animation and computer game
industry. There will also be a comic book workshop at the Provo Library starting at 10:30 am with
one of our comic book guest and then continuing at Dragons Keep the comic and gaming shop!

Local Provo Arts

I believe students are neglecting the vast amount of fine arts
available in other places than the HFAC. Don't get me wrong I think
BYU fine arts are fantastic, but there's more fine arts out there, right in our backyard.

In downtown Provo there is the new, but thriving Covey Center for the
Arts. Having been to the Covey Center, I've been impressed with the
quality of the performances and exhibits. December has a lot in store
with the Utah Valley Symphony Christmas Concert, Messiah Sing-in and a
stained glass exhibit. Plus, starting in January the Thrillionaires a
local improv/theatre troupe will be performing.

Take a moment this winter to get off campus to enjoy some quality
fine arts, I'm planning on it.

Evangelicals for Mitt

Many wonder how much support an LDS candidate for president could garner here in the United States given our country's sizable evangelical population. Could a true evangelical wholeheartedly endorse a Mormon candidate?

The folks at apparently do.

From their Why we support Governor Romney Q&A:

But…He’s a Mormon.

Yes, Gov. Romney is a Mormon. We are not. According to the liberal media, this is an unbridgeable gap, and evangelicals will never turn out to support a faithful Mormon like Mitt Romney. As usual, the media have it wrong. And they root their error (as usual) in a fundamental misunderstanding about American evangelicals—seeing us as ignorant and intolerant simpletons who are incapable of making sophisticated political value judgments.

To be perfectly clear, we believe Gov. Romney is not only acceptable to conservative Christians, but that he is clearly the best choice for people of faith. He is right on all the issues, and he has proven his positions with actions. He is a gifted and persuasive spokesman for our political and moral values. Here is the bottom line: the 2008 election is for president, not pastor. We would never advocate that the Governor become our pastor or lead our churches—we disagree with him profoundly on theological issues. But we reject the notion that the president of the United States has to be in perfect harmony with our religious doctrine. In fact, that is not a test that has been applied before—after all, Jimmy Carter was probably more theologically in line with evangelicals than Ronald Reagan, yet we believe that Reagan was clearly the better choice in 1980.

Great place to get t-shirts and collaborate!!

I found this site a little while ago and have become quite addicted to it! Some of you might have already seen and heard of it. I thought I would pass it along. Take a look, lots of talent and great tee's too!
Shop, Create, Vote, Collaborate!

Threadless: Nude No More!

Neuroscience and political policy

Here is an interesting article about neuroscience and what it tells us about human freedom. Neuroscience has the potential to reshape how we understand ourselves and traditional notions like free will.
Please read the whole article, it's worth it. The following quote is about where new scientific insight and social policy intersect.

One such value might be commitment to social change. "It's easier to try to solve societal problems with a technocratic fix, an electric shock or a pill, than by changing social structures and the distribution of power," says Parens's colleague Bruce Jennings. Put differently, it's easier to change brains than minds. The commitment to changing minds, however, expresses the belief that minds are, in fact, changeable. That is a fundamentally political belief--the anti-Hobbesian conviction that people and nations can be reformed, that we can make citizens healthier and happier by making society more just.

Surreal photos of Hong Kong's urban landscape

Take a look.

This gives new meaning to "space efficiency".

(Via Digg)

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