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Provo Parking Patrol At It Again

If you decide to eat some food at the local Del Taco, be sure to watch out for farty Mc-Booty pants. Apparently the parking enforcement there just assumes if you park your vehicle in the Del Taco parking lot, you're not eating at Del Taco but visiting nearby apartments instead. Which makes sense.

What ever happened to innocent until proven guilty? I know booters don't have to follow the same rules as cops, but it seems like they should have to have some reason to believe that you're doing something wrong before automatically assuming things.

track the booters' manager/owner down! go to their office!

You know how most of the booting notices that you get are from University Parking Enforcement and how it shows some PO Box and not their real office address?!

Feel like going and talking in person with the owner or manager OR feel like picketing their office?!

Well, a few seconds at the site for searching Utah businesses -- -- shows this address:



MICHAEL T LAMONT is listed as the contact person.
1649 RIVERSIDE AVE is listed right below him.

But a search for 1649 Riverside Ave shows that it belongs to Valet Towing & Recovery also.

* So maybe there's two offices?

A little searching on the web ( )found this email address for him -- -- however there might be more than 1 "Michael T. Lamont" so be courteous when emailing it until somebody replies back here verifying that it's his.

Protesting a boot

My roommate got a boot in our complexes parking garage last night. She has a permit that expired in August because our Landlord assured her there was no reason to get a new one. In our complex we have apartment spaces and free spaces, and she was parked in one of the free spaces. I printed off the suggestions for what you should do when you get a boot, but my roommate had already paid him by the time I got downstairs. I was wondering if there is anything that she can do to protest this boot? She told the booter that she lived there and her landlord told her she didn't need to worry about a new permit but he said that "tonight he had to give her a boot".

And please don't give me those comments about "how she should be responsible for her actions, blah blah blah" she already paid and we are just looking to see if there are any options to getting her money back.

This article was originally posted 02/08/2006 - but has been re-posted on 11/02/2007

Fight the Booters: Arm yourself with the law

[I recently dug up this article from last year that pantherjad wrote: I think it applies well to the current discussion about booting- Jeff]
I have heard many gripes, complaints, rumors, anecdotes, and misinformation about booting and towing in Provo and Orem. While I hate this practice and these companies, one great way for us to fight them is to know the law.

The following is a few highlights I have found in the Provo and Orem city ordinance codes as well as links to the whole code. Know the law and realize it is different in Provo vs. Orem. [...]

I thought I should start viewing Booterwatch.

I am an employee of University Parking Enforcement. I have never paid much attention to the Booterwatch forum, but recently I had an experience that made me wonder what was being said on Booterwatch. I was working on Thursday the 20th of April, when I received a call from a guy named Brandon who was booted the night before at University Villa Apartments. I do not expect anybody to be happy about being booted, so as usual I tried to be very polite. Brandon was very verbally aggressive. He claimed that he had a permit in his car when he was booted. I explained that we have video evidence that the permit was not in the car where he had said it was, therefore his car was booted. I was surprised at how confident he was in his blatant lie. He acted tough, but when he signed his credit card receipt, he signed the name Daffy Duck. He then took my picture and said "this is going on Provo Pulse"!

I'm already on Provo Pulse. I'm not afraid of that. My name is Bailer. In the same way that people post pictures of booters, I would like to post the video recording of the booting of Brandon's car, showing the rear window where he said his permit had fallen off the window and was sitting by his speaker.

Getting booted outside of a marked lot (New story & photo!)

I received a new booting story recently. This guy didn't even park inside the marked lot but got booted anyway. This story is yet another example of parking enforcement abuse:

From: Ken
Date: Feb 2, 2006 12:51 AM
Subject: Booter Photo and Story


Attached is a poor quality (sorry) photo of Bailer, the nice guy who came to take my boot off today, as well as a photo of the boot incident itself. (He really did seem like a decent guy... just working for the enemy I suppose)

The story is interesting, and debatable. I live in Jamestown, I have a contract, and my car has a parking pass on it. Recently, my car was hit (and no note was left) so I put it in the shop yesterday and immediately went to school, and then work. I got home from work at 11:00 p.m. I woke up very early the next day and left for work and school, not to return again until 8:00 p.m. or so. I parked in a spot *outside* of the Jamestown parking garage, where I recieved my boot.

Now this is the debatable part. The sign is placed above the garage door (as seen in the attached photo). I always thought when a parking sign was placed next to an entrance it meant you couldn't park *inside* without a permit (whether it be a parking lot, garage, etc). University Parking told me that sign was universal for ALL of Jamestown property. The sign, does not say anywhere that it applies to the property as a whole. BUT, it also does not say it is restricted to the garage only, either. [...]

Booters pay scale

It seems that everyone is curious as to the kind of money booters get paid. I'll explain the info. that I know, and no, I'm not a booter. Booters get $6.50 to put the boot on and the same to take it off. They get paid straight commission. They don't have taxes taken out and use their own vehicle with no gas reimbursement.

Towing is 30% of the original fine amount, price on the sign. They don't get any of the extra if the car sits there for a few days and racks up storage charges.
Government employees would never get commission. Provo pays between 10-15 dollars an hour (they recently had a job posting that stated this info). The conflict arises in trying to have the government enforce city ordinances on private property. It's like having BYU ticket cars parked on public streets or for that matter at someone's house.

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