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Please Help "Now I Can" a Local Charity

"Now I Can" is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) charitable organization dedicated to helping disabled children reach their greatest potential. "Now I Can" has combined the most effective methods of physical therapy with the most outstanding therapy team — making our therapy unique and sought after by families across the country.

"Now I Can" was founded by a couple in Provo, Utah who travelled to Poland for intensive physical therapy for their daughter with Cerebral Palsy. After seeing the benefits of intensive therapy, the Christensen’s were determined to open a facility in the inter-mountain west so that families wouldn’t be required to travel outside the country for this effective treatment.

Help "Now I Can" by voting on the Apx gives back application on Facebook. Endorse "Now I Can" every day until August 21. Your vote could help get $100,00 to help these great kids.

Casting Real People for a Utah Based Reality Show: The Food Nanny (Season 2) / $1,000 Pay


We are looking for a wide assortment of “family” units in ethnically, socioeconomic and structural diversity. This could mean a group of college roommates, single parents, grandparents raising the grandchildren, or regular ol' families that need just need help getting the family together for dinner.

STORY: Dinnertime expert Liz Edmunds wants to help families turn their hectic (or nonexistent) dinner hour into a delicious, fun, and enriching family habit. She’ll evaluate current dinner scenarios and teach families strategies for a successful family dinner — including communicating, prioritizing, planning, budgeting, and of course cooking. She will help families get control of mealtime!


**VIDEO IS REQUIRED . . . and should go something like this . . .

BYU...When Were You/Are You There

Per an earlier post a fellow made regarding walking passed the hole in the ground where DT was, I suddenly became curious where those who visit here are now and when you were at the Y.

Myself I started at BYU winter term 1985 and graduated in 1988. I was a transfer student from the University of Michigan and did two additional terms in the summer and one in the spring (my favorite time to be in Provo, by the way). I currently split my time between Marina Del Rey, CA and Manhattan, NY.

I am always interested in hearing about folks experiences at the Y and living in Provo, in general. Last summer I found my old daily journals and began transferring the handwritten scribble into MS word on my laptop with the intention of creating an online bog, as it were, of my time at the Y. It's taken me a year thus far to complete 400 pages, which covers only about two years.

Fun stuff in Provo

So I'm super excited! I'm coming to Provo this weekend and I was just wondering what kinds of fun things there are to do.

I'm bringing one of my friends and I was hoping you guys could give me advice. What is there to do in provo? Anything fun to do on the weekends?

I just want to show my friend a good time. My friend thinks I won't be able to have much fun in Provo since it's only Mormons. I want to prove her wrong and show her that people can still have fun, even without alcohol.

Thanks so much!

I'm home!

I'm home from my mission in Uruguay!

...does anyone remember me?

Cragistlist is big

This isn't quite in the normal vein of most of the posts I see provocative thoughts on Provo life or complaints about the Booters. (I sued, I lost, I'm moving on.)

It's moving season, and I'm looking for a new place.
I will never live in the Branbury again. The maintenance was atrocious, and on moving day, at the middle of the month, during the middle of the day on a weekday. I work for a living and had to take a day off work. They then presented me with an insanely large utility bill resulting from the broken A/C that I put in 5 maintenance requests for.

As to what I'm looking for in a new apartment:
I'm a big kid. I will not pay rent like an adult, and have someone come in every month to make sure I took out the trash like a child. This obviously disqualifies any BYU-approved apartments.

Daily Universe Editorial- Dirty Hands

There was an interesting and entertaining editorial in the Daily Universe on Friday about people who don't wash their hands after they use the bathroom at BYU. I was wondering if many of you have noticed the same dirty trend going on? Do THAT many people really not wash their hands after they use the bathroom? If so, what can be done to get them to do it? Here is a copy of the editorial that was written. It is pretty good!

Benji Cunningham

Vancouver, Wash.

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