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Deep Thoughts

Tomorrow, half of us will be disappointed

Tomorrow is the big day, the end of a very long election. (At least is seemed long for me because I was involved in it).

I was looking at the news today and came across an article titled, The morning after: Half of us will be disappointed. It's true, there will be many disappointed fans tomorrow. This article got me thinking.

My advice to you readers is to support our new president tomorrow, even if he wasn't your #1 choice. I think this is something everyone should decided to do now.I think being patriotic is about having different thoughts and ideas, and supporting the president. Lets do it, lets agree to disagree and then get things done!

What IF Hillary Clinton Made it all the way and WON?

Some of us are hard core Clinton NON-Supporters. We despise the idea that she might actually win. But what IF she did win? What would happen? Here are my thoughts as a result of some of her proposed ideas and policies. Keep in mind though, that even if she IS voted into office, she doesn't have all power. Checks and balances keep Presidents or any political body from having COMPLETE control. So if Congress see's her ideas as crap, or the Supreme court finds them unconstitutional (which is unlikely for some of her ideas), then she can't do much. Anyway, here are some possible negative outcomes of her taking office:

1) Capital Gains tax would increase from 15% to 45% damaging the economy, pulling away the incentive for people to do big $$ deals. This would give the government a false sense that they have more money (rather than paying off debt), inevitably causing more government spending than is needed and further putting the country in debt (just because they have more money doesn't mean they'll spend it wiser).

McCain sounds like a little kid trying win the crowd

So I watched the recent Republican Debates that happened in Manchester, NH. All I can say is that I was very un-impressed with McCain. He makes every attempt to shoot at Romney with really lame personal attacks in a joking fashion as if he's funny, and as if his point is even relevant. So many times I just wanted to yell out, "SHUT UP!!! Danget!!" He was just a bit too annoying. Every else acted professional and for the most part in an Adult fashion. They didn't all agree, but treated each other with respect. I was most impressed with Thompson, Romney, and Guiliani. Though I'm not a Huckabee fan just yet, he did ok as well and answered questions well.

Ron Paul continued to sound like a crazy, though he does make some good points about invading other countries and occupying their land. The book of mormon warns against this, and the consequences, so I can't say he's wrong. He's just a little loony in some areas. At times he really does sound like someone wearing a tin foil hat and hiding from the black government helicopters :) However, I don't think it's appropriate when McCain and Thompson laughed at him a few times (the camera would pan over to show them laughing when he was talking). They can disagree, but still be respectful.

The wisdom of youth

I am in the process of co-authoring a book. The idea for this book came about during the many discussion I have had with the youth I teach at church. It has been during these many discussions that as a class we decided that creating a book for parents was in order.

As parents we mean well, we look at how we were raised as children then we adopt the ideals that we learned and pass them down to our children. We do our best to give them all the tools they need to survive in life but there are still times we feel like we don’t know what is going on.


Does anyone else have any irrational fears, like... needles?

I don't, but if I did, it would probably be because of that great and spacious place called Bio-Medics. And if I did have that fear, it might be because they stuck me eight times in a row with that massive drill-bit needle.

One day, when I have a real income, I will look back with chills at the time in my life where the agony of waiting for, and then getting, a pipe stuck into my arm was worth $20.

Didja ever notice...

Didja ever notice that BYU folks have the tendency to preface any criticism of another person with some lame compliment?

These two clauses are usually joined by the term "but".

ie: "She's a really nice person, but she always gets spit at the corners of her mouth when she gets mad."

It's as if a straight-out criticism is too harsh so it's necessary to soften the blow by giving a token compliment.

The weird thing is that people do it even if the person isn't in the room. The reason for this, I think, is that Provo-ites don't want to appear, to their friends, as if they're "of a critical mindset."

Anyway, my roommate is a really talented musician, but his nose whines when he breathes in to blow his trombone.

How about Landlordwatch?

I don't care for most booters, or the booting business here in Provo. I think it's dirty. But hey, since we're speaking out against dirty Provo entities, why not go against landlords? There are plenty of them here that are extremely dishonest. I've heard and experienced countless horror stories. Man, we all get upset with a $40 boot fine that (come on, let's admit it), we often took a risk at getting when we parked, but what about all the "created-fees" of Provo landlords? Here are a couple I've dealt with:

Landlord decides two months into the semester that she wants us to have mattress covers. If we don't have them in two weeks, no problem, she'll buy them for us and take thirty dollars out of our deposit.

Different landlord tells us we need to set an appointment to

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