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Mormons in the spotlight

Provo service

Good news for Provo residents. On the cover of the Daily Herald today, were the bold words, "Provo Leads Nation in Volunteerism.” I was happy when I saw this so I read more. There were some very cool figures in the article.

For example: “63.8 % of local residents over 16 give service each year, more than double the national average of 27.2 %." The second best city was Iowa City with a rate of 45.1 %. Provo was 18.7 % above the second highest city in the nation. Way higher than number two!

The volunteer hours per resident were 132.4 while the national average was 36.1. Los Angeles was even lower in the twenties. The article suggested that the college might play some role in the high hours of service. It also stated that many of the hours were religious.

Salt Lake City was also one of the most generous cities and Utah was listed as the most generous state.

I would say this is a very favorable sign for Utahans and members of the LDS church.

Aaron Shamy - Mormon X-game Gold Medalist needs your help!

Aaron Shamy has made his own bucketlist, before bucketlists were even popular.

Among over 200 items on the list is Aaron's goal to get a college degree. He has entered a YouTube competition which has the prize of a full-ride scholarship. Finalists are chosen by the number of YouTube views their application video has received and also its YouTube rating.

Shamy has already crossed off over 100 items from his bucket list including winning a gold medal for the U.S., climbing the Matterhorn, performing with Cirque Du Soleil, knitting a sweater, and getting married in the temple!

Please check out his video and leave a 5 star rating if you think it's deserving.

Click here to vote on YouTube (youtube account required to vote)

30 Days episode about same sex parenting

Did anyone else catch this episode of 30 Days?

Same Sex Parenting: 30 Days

Its about an LDS woman who goes to live with two gay men and their four adopted children for a month.

It would be a tough position for any person with beliefs against homosexual marriage to be in, but I think this woman should have really used more tact and thought in the way she approached the situation. Its not like she didn't know what was coming at her, but she still seemed to not have thought about how to respectfully disagree with other's lifestyles.


Mitt Romney for Veep

Have you seen this website.

It is a company / group that is trying to get Mitt Romney elected to Vice President. I didn't even know that we could do that. It looks like they are trying to put some pressure on McCain. They are trying to get him to choose Romney.

After looking over the site, however, I noticed this at the bottom of the page, "© 2008 LLC • Not affiliated with the Romney or McCain campaigns", could it be that they are just trying to make some cash with T-Shirts and things?

President Hinckley passed away

Tonight, President Gordon B. Hinckley passed away. He is loved by millions of people around the world and will surely be missed. Here is a short video about his life:

and a story from the Salt Lake Tribune

The murder of Parley P. Pratt

150 years ago, apostle Parley P. Pratt was murdered in Arkansas while on one of his many missions for the Church. Before leaving on this mission, he told his wife Ann Agatha Walker of feelings that he had of uncertainty and that "I shall never come back." Quoting from Marie Dean Speakman, "Leaving Salt Lake City on 11 September 1856, Elder Pratt traveled extensively among the branches in Philadelphia, New York City, Cincinnati, and else­where. While he was engaged in that calling, a man by the name of Hector McLean actively began to trace his whereabouts, blaming Elder Pratt for the estrange­ment between him (McLean) and his former wife, Eleanor."

If you have not heard the full account of his death, the most comprehensive account of his controversial death entiled "Eleanor McLean and the Murder of Parley P. Pratt". has just been posted online for the first time by the Pratt Family Association.

BYU professor cures AIDS?

BYU professor may have found an inexpensive cure for aids. Source

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