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He will be missed

News travels fast. I doubt anyone viewing this article hasn't already heard about the death of President Hinckley. He has been the Prophet of the LDS church my entire adult life. I have always been proud to support him.

He will be missed by all. We wish his family the best while dealing with the grief of his passing, but I'm sure they are also at ease knowing his life was well spent, and he resides now with his dear wife.

God Bless!

Truth is Restored - Non Official Mormon Blog is an unofficial site addressing the doctrines and practices of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. They respond to questions from members of the Church and accusations from antagonists of the Church. Many topics are covered, and the base of articles grows consistently.

Topics include:

Mark your scriptures online

You may be interested in a project I have been working on, Scripture Tag. It is a website that lets you collect and tag your favorite scriptures online. You can add tags to verses and flickr style. All of this can be done anonymously or you can create an account (for free of course) and track your tagging and collect favorite verses.

Mom and Dad can we talk?

I know there are those out there that have read this before. I am asking once again for your help. The book is starting to come together but I need your help. So please give of your time and help.

I am in the process of co-authoring a book. The idea for this book came about during the many discussion I have had with the youth I teach at church. It has been during these many discussions that as a class we decided that creating a book for parents was in order.

As parents we mean well, we look at how we were raised as children then we adopt the ideals that we learned and pass them down to our children. We do our best to give them all the tools they need to survive in life but there are still times we feel like we do not know what is going on.

FHE service project for Zambia

Hey folks, I'm organizing a service project for our Lehi YSA ward. We're going to be collecting supplies and money (to purchase more supplies) to make hygiene and first aid kits to send to Zambia, Africa.

We're doing it through an organization called Mothers Without Borders, so donations are tax-deductible, and 100% of all money donated will be used to purchase supplies for the kits.

If you're interested in helping out, or know of a company, organization, friend, or family member that would be interested in making a donation, please refer them to this website to obtain more information. Thanks for all your help.

Fascinating maps of religious population density

These are really cool.

I didn't realize that so many religions were so regionally oriented.

Mormons and War

How is it that deeply religious people who are for the most part peaceful, and believe that killing is wrong, can support war with such zeal?

Why the huge support of the war and Bush from conservative Christians (including, and perhaps especially, Mormons)?

Where is this coming from?

Is it doctrinal? Ideological? Cultural? How much of it is politically-motivated? How much of it is religious? Clearly the conservative Christian worldview is in strong support of war. Why is it that this pocket of Americans so adores the thought of sticking it to _________ (fill in the blank: Al Qaeda, Saddam, Iraq, Iraqis, Afghanistan, Taliban, Muslims, etc.)?

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