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Get the Highest Quality Pearls from

Sant Jewelers is a name that is becoming well established across the industry. After having lived in the Philippines for two years, founder Ryan Sant took his wife Ashley back on a subsequent vacation. After shopping in the many markets and purchasing pearls for friends and family, they found themselves with the opportunity to bring back a beautiful product at exceptional prices.

Based out of Utah, their family-run company is able to offer very competitive prices on the best quality because of their direct purchasing power with pearl farmers and distributors in Southeast Asia. With no showroom and minimal costs, Sant Jewelers passes along the savings to its customers without compromising the quality of their service or products.

They carry all kinds of pearls and hope to have the right one for you. You can choose between the freshwater cultured pearls that are found in pearl farms across the Philippines and China, or the more beautifully perfected South Sea pearl. They also carry some of the finest Japanese Akoya pearls that can be found. Before too long, they will also be offering the gorgeous black Tahitian pearl. All shapes and sizes can be found and if they don’t have what you are looking for, they'll find it for you!

BoM Toons T-shirts

Ok, this is a blatant plug to earn some be warned.

Over at we've been struggling with finding ways to support the considerable costs of running our website which averages over 50GB of bandwidth a month.

We HATE ads on websites so have decided to go the "donations" and "merchandise" route. It's really risky because we've had to put ourselves even deeper in debt to have some t-shirts made. So, this is a call to our fellow ProvoPulsers to take a look at our t-shirt that sports an image of our stylized Nephi character in 5 colors and, if you like it, buy one for yourself (and your close friends and family ;)). There's also a paypal donation option for those who don't have $13.50 to spare.

The appeal of the "molestache"

Whenever I see that disgusting bit of facial hair that is faintly reminiscent of Adolf Hitler, or of a washed-up 70s porn star, I want to vomit. I'm referring to the disgusting trend that men on BYU campus have embraced: the mustache.

I pose this question to the male Pulse patrons: what is the appeal of the "molestache"? Does your girlfriend like kissing you? Can you even get a girl to look at you without laughing/dry heaving? Do your daily accessories include a pipe and jacket with elbow patches?

No offense to any of you who feel naked without the 'stache, but the

Teaching abstinence, on clothing


[Yvette Thomas'] growing line of clothing, WaitWear, plasters slogans like "Virginity Lane: Exit When Married" and "Notice: No Trespassing On This Property. My Father Is Watching" on underwear and T-shirts, and is meant to inspire young people to abstain from sex until they tie the knot.

"[Abstinence] makes so much of a difference in an individual's life and the choices that they make, and especially at a young age," said Thomas, 39.

Finding NCMO T-Shirts available again

[Editor's note: I'm only allowing this to be posted because ... uh ... it's funny. And my roommate really wants the free shirt K.C. is going to hook me up with. Provo Pulse does not endorse this product ... or what it stands for. Void where prohibited. Offer only valid within the continental US. Actual mileage may vary.]

Limited Edition Finding NCMO T-shirts are available once again. My friends and I updated our out-of-print Finding NCMO T-shirts and they are now available in Black as well as White.

Finding NCMO

SALE Price $12.95 (Free Shipping)

Retail $15.00 + Shipping

Finding NCMO, isn't it about time?

This iPod thing is getting out of hand

from the audio-fashion dept.
The iPods are multiplying up on BYU campus. I swear. The kids here in Provo seem to have more money on their hands than they know what to do with. Now don't worry, for those of you who don't yet have your own shiny white iPod due to its extremely high price, there's still hope.

I'm still confused about why so many people walk between classes with their headphones on. It just seems awkward and anti-social to me.

Support Cancer Research

from the good-causes dept.
I'm sure many of you have seen other students wearing the little yellow rubber bracelets engraved with the words "Live Strong." If you didn't know, those bracelets are more than a fashion statement, they're meant to support cancer research. For a better explanation, see this article.

To purchase your bracelets, which only cost a dollar, visit the The Lance Armstrong Foundation or Bracelets can also be purchased at sporting goods stores such as Gart Sports and Foot Locker.

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