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Provo to start collections on 6-year-old parking tickets

Provo, reeling from its losses in iProvo and diminished housing taxes, is pursuing a new avenue of revenue generation-- collecting on parking tickets that are in some cases more than 6 years old, with interest and penalties.

Story here:
Collection Agency Targets Unpaid Tickets in Provo

Frankly, this reeks of desperation and, to no small extent, unfairness. I imagine there will be a lot of surprised students (or parents) finding hits on their credit reports as the tickets are put into collections.

Brent Brown and fraud

It was only a few days ago that I saw a guy standing by the mall holding a sign that said, "brent brown is committing fraud," at first I just blew it off. But now I am taking that sign alot more seriously.

After my boyfriend was lied to about a car they bought I feel that the man holding that sign is not alone. On top of that I knew some people who said they received fliers about Brent Brown doing dirty business.

The brent brown sales man said that the car my boyfriend was going to buy had a brand new engine. The brand new engine was a big lie. Just recently when he tried to sell his car he went into brent brown to get the carfax for the man he was selling it to. The man had allready given my boyfriend a down payment. When my boyfriend found out that he had been lied to, that the proof of his new engine did not exist, he obviously could not sell his car. He lost out on 4,000 which he was depending on for an internship.

McCain vs. Obama: Health Care

With Obama having the nomination all but sewn up, it's time to start debating the issues between these two candidates. First on the chopping block (and sure to inspire lots of commentary, I hope): Health Care.

Here's links to each candidate's position on health care:

McCain -

Obama -

Whose policy do you prefer, and why?

Wal*Mart's ID Checking Policy

During a recent trip to Wal*Mart, I was surprised when I was asked to show my ID when someone I was with tried to purchase cigarettes. I was aware of laws saying that retailers had to verify someone's age as part of a transaction, but unaware that the law could compel me to show my ID as part of a transaction that is taking place in my vicinity.

When I showed my ID to the clerk, she said she could not accept it because it was not a driver's license (it was a concealed weapons permit). Remember that we are not required to even have driver's licenses, weapons permits, or any other form of identification unless we are engaging in activities that require them (driving, carrying a weapon, or buying tobacco). The clerk than disappeared into the back for several minutes with my ID. When she came back she informed me that a police officer had my ID in back - in a room I could not go into - and that he was calling the police station to check me out.

sick of Provo City treating you as 2nd class? fight back and get $10/hr doing it

Many of you probably already know about the double standard in the city's zoning laws -- you can have unlimited people living in a place and causing parking problems -- as long as they're related -- brother, sister, niece, nephew, etc. ,etc.

But if you're not related then you're limited to only 2 or 3 depending on the neighborhood.

And you've probably heard about the other recent slap-in-the-face over parking around Belmont and Arlington condos:
Owner occupants of houses will be given a street parking pass but owners of condos are being shut out. Renters are being treated as second-class citizens.

Well, if you want to make a change, a great way to do it is to get good people elected to city council.

There are several close races with good candidates that are student and singles friendly. We need to get the word out and we need people to help. We can really make a difference this year -- this isn't hype -- i've been involved in the last two city elections plus this one and this is the most hopeful one yet. We can really shake things up if enough people help.

Volunteer for Student Voter Registration?!

We still need help with our annual voter registration drive.

We have lists of students to call that we are not sure of whether they're registered to vote or not.
Only 7.01% of Provo voted in the City Council Primary on Sept.11th. We need to greatly increase that for Nov. 6th.
There's no reason we couldn't realistically increase that to more than 50% if enough people volunteer to help spread the word.

That's right, we have to worry about "Vote 2007" before moving on to "Vote 2008".

* Can you make as few as 5 phone calls or go door-to-door -- however you can help, please call me at 356-1032 or reply to get some to help with.

Will you please help a little?
The deadline to turn in voter registrations is Oct. 9th. There's 1 week left to volunteer and you can help with as little as 15 minutes. Please consider it.

On a related note, why should you vote in Provo?
* You live here more than half the year.
* There are some extremely contentious issues that affect you directly -- issues like parking, booting, dances, and zoning -- zoning affects how many of your single friends you can live with.

Utah County Bans Longboarding on Trails

If you've ever felt the exhilarating feeling of bombing down the canyon on your longboard, you're lucky. Starting Aug. 10, people found longboarding on any county maintained trail will be charged with a misdemeanor. This ban is a result of irresponsible behavior by longboarders and others" on Utah county trails. I couldn't find any information more specific than that.

This move is baffling, considering roller-bladers, bikers, and runners are still able to use the trail as before. If your vehicle has two or eight wheels, you are allowed to ride on the trails, but if you have four wheels then you're out of luck.

Public outcry to this decision has been strong, but all from the kind of people that the Utah county doesn't care about and probably won't listen to. A website has even been set up to rally support behind lifting the ban on longboarding. I for one think it's about time to give up on Utah Valley law makers and move someplace a little more sane.

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