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David Cook vs David Archuleta

Hey guys, my name is Brittany I'm new to this site but Ben told me it was pretty sweet.

I just finished watching American Idol and I'm totally bummed that Archuleta lost. It seems so unfair another close win for the Mormons. First Rommney lost when I was totally convinced he would do well, now Archuleta looses! We just can't get a break.

Do you think David Cook got sympathy votes because all the judges bashed him so hard the night before? Maybe its for the best, Archuleta can prepare for a mission now.

What is the Worst TV program on air?

If you haven't noticed has been running a Poll/survey for the past 2 or 3 weeks about what the readers think is the worst show on TV (right now). So far only 20 votes, but the numbers don't supprise me.

I started the Poll after a discussion with my wife over TV shows that we individually liked but the other hated (if that makes sense). I personally can't stand Tyra Banks, or the two ladies on "What not to Wear" and "Clean House." I also don't like Wolf Blitzer too much. I don't mind CNN, I just think he gives the program the bad name that it sometimes is labeled (and the reason why Fox news became popular).

So I'm interested in what everyone thinks is a good TV show and one that is less than a favorite. Should we adjust the poll and add other shows?

Rosie gets canned!

Finally the world will be saved for a time from one of the strangest women on television. In a New York Times article published today (4/25/07) Rosie is leaving the view when her short contract ends. She claims it just because she wanted to sign another year contract (rather than 3 years), but some key people at the network said that it was also because she wanted more money than they were willing to pay. I would think that it costs a great deal in attorney fees to keep people at bay from suing them out of business whenever she makes a slanderous remark.

Donald Trump also claims to have a part in her departure. Who knows how true that is, but I'm personally glad she'll be off the show (not that I watch it - I can't stand to listen to a bunch of women argue back and forth).

She'll likely try to get on another show, and seeing that TV stations like to make money off of crazy people like her I'm sure she'll find a new home.

MTV is failing America

If you didn't know Gideon Yago from MTV News will speak at UVSC on Wednesday Nov 15th at 12:00 pm. His visit promted me to write an opinions piece for The College Times about the sad state of MTV, particularly their dangerous devotion to materialism. You can find it here.

The explosion of TV-to-DVD releases

Some quotes from an interesting Austin American Statesman article about DVD sales revolutionizing the network television.

First, a few raw figures:

28: Number of multidisc TV shows released on DVD in 2000

449: Number of releases January through October 2005

$149.98: Cost of the first-season DVD of 'The X Files' in 2000

$40: Average cost of season packages now

$1.5: Billion in consumer DVD sales of TV shows so far this year, up 34 percent from a year earlier

What this means for TV:

The tremendous success of the TV-on-DVD category is changing the way programs are made, marketed and consumed. Cult shows, for instance, that yield unspectacular ratings by network standards often have surprising clout because of high DVD sales [...]

The (negative) effects of television on college students

The flicker is familiar. Accompanying late-night papers, college game days, and romantic moments, television makes its way into the university lifestyle. We quote it with our friends. We pump it for news. Some of us schedule our lives around it. But for others, the flicker is the signpost of an educational flatline. They mistrust television, reject it outright, and insist it's detrimental to everything an institution of learning stands for. Based on my experiences, I side with the latter opinion. I’m disgusted with the effects watching television has on my studies and so I shun it from my university lifestyle.

Yet, I’m a communications student devoted to understanding and

Adidas' "Hello Tomorrow" commercial

I've seen this commercial twice tonight while watching TNT. It's incredible.

For just the mp3, click here.

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