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Beehive Report - Utah News All In One Place

I have had a few requests for this kind of website and decided to build it. What is it? A website where you can read the big headlines of all the major newspapers in Utah on ONE page. is a simple page where live feeds are updating on the page all day long. The site is in it's early stages and we will hopefully be adding a college news section as well as forums to discuss. Check out the website and send us and email or just leave us a comment here and tell us what you want to see! Thanks!

The Y Board

The original online WILKboard! A safe way for students to buy and sell!

We created this site on a whim; all in need of various items that we knew other students had and were willing to sell, but going to the actual WILKboard was too timely. An idea sprung, then a demo site, and finally the real deal.

We knew how students thought; the site was instantly made free of charge. Personal security was also a concern and so we require that all users be students (just like on Facebook); you know who you are doing business with.

The last recent development: A Free Card Printout Service. Each week, all approved listings are printed and posted on the physical Wilkboard. There are a few other sites similar to ours, but are mainly seller sites, not so much buyer sites. Many items are listed and many sellers visit, but fewer buyers visit. With our effort we offer double exposure for all, in hopes to increase both SELLER and BUYER success.

And, as mentioned, it’s all FREE!

Search privacy and the AOL debacle

For those that aren't aware, AOL is in a world of hurt after releasing three months worth of search data to the public. They have since apologized.

One blogger writes:

The NY Times runs a story in which it was relatively easy to identify a Georgia woman (AOL Searcher 4417749), with her search history telling a remarkably personal story over a three month period. The article provides a powerful illustration not only of the severity of the AOL mistake (which remains online for all to see), but of why search companies simply should not be retaining this data for any significant period of time. The public privacy risks, whether self-inflicted, from hackers, or via law enforcement fishing expeditions, outweigh the private commercial benefits.

The Dr. Matt Show

We've been doing this show for about two months now on, and we've been getting a huge response! We have more listeners outside of Utah which was a shock to us! The Dr. Matt Show is a show were two guys just sit and talk about politics, movies, and just life in general, and people love it! While the show does lean more towards a political show, we try and keep it funny and entertaining with our website and idiots of the week. We are hoping to move to a podcast this sunday, instead of video, so any help with that would be much appriciated. But check out our website and our show at Send in your suggestions!

Find property values in a snap with

Zillow is a new site that lets you look up any residential address to find out its property value. You can even track how the value has changed over time and compare it with the surrounding area.

Genius. Pure genius.

It's created by the same guys who came up with

Go ahead ... Express Yourself!!!

"," "," "" ... pretty cool, wouldn't you say. So a bunch of my friends and I have discovered the latest and the hottest in being different - we've all gotten our own "Personalized Domains" that link directly to our MySpace / MSN Spaces / Blog through - it's free. (Actually, I'm not disclosing our real "Personalized Domains," as my friends would probably shoot me if I did - but at least you get the idea. For instance, "" is just an example ... our "Personalized Domains" are way cooler!)

Anyhow, the basic idea is that if I wanted to link to Josh's MySpace page, I'd no longer have to remember (1) his MySpace URL (eg. http:// www or (2) his email (eg. ninja_josh89@, now I can type something in as simple as "" and it will take me directly to his page - and it has the added benefit of keeping "" in the address bar :) :) :)

So much for the Wilk-board:

A friend of mine recently started, an eBay-like site targeting both the Wasatch front and the LDS community at-large. I have to admit, I'm pretty impressed with what he's pulled off.

I've never been a fan of auction sites because they're hard to use, and in eBay's case, the listing fees have just gotten out of control. But using Deseret Auctions is easy, and you can sell your stuff absolutely free. Sign-up is even free.

So check it out. (And get rid of that bike, laptop, or book you've been meaning to sell.)

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