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The BYU Parking NOC List

This post does not necessarily reflect the opinion or desires of, but does prove to be a very funny article

So I just got a ticket from BYU Parking officer #63 (meaning, some lame student who can't get a real job, and wishes to hide behind the number 63). Technically, he was justified. I was parking in a faculty zone at 5:45pm, one that didn't open up to anyone parking there until 6pm. I can only give this guy the label of Loser!

But that's all besides the point; I strongly desire to know the identity of this person, and any other parking officer who wishes to be a jerk like this. I assume that since BYU is a private university that they don't have to follow the rule of law which dictates that you have a right to know your accuser (notice the real cops must write you a ticket that includes their name). But I think we still have a right to know who is writing these tickets.

So what I want is the Parking Office NOC List (think back to the first mission impossible - this is the list that matched the alias names with agents real names). Thus a list putting together the parking officer numbers with their real names. I doubt this list is available to the public, but does anyone know? If so, links to this file would be highly useful.

Parking problmes in the North Joaquin Neighborhood

Below are 3 Opinion Articles from the Daily Universe about the current parking issue in the North Joaquin Neighborhood and the problems created by the Provo City Council:

I just attended the meeting at the library for the proposed parking permit program in the North Joaquin Neighborhood. I was impressed that several city council members took the time to be there. That having been said, I would like to express my disapproval of council Chair George Stewart's words to the press following the meeting. When asked if there were any proposed alternatives during the meeting (as opposed to simple complaining), he said there were none.

Apparently Stewart didn't attend the same meeting I did (although I was sure I saw him in front the whole time). While there were a lot of wordy complaints, there were plenty of suggestions given to improve the program. Not all were viable or even well thought out, but there were some that really would help the parking permit program that is currently proposed. That he heard no suggestions leads me to believe that he already had his mind made up about the whole matter before the meeting even commenced.

Utah and Get-Rich-Quick Schemes

What's the deal with all the MLMs (Multi Level Marketing) in Utah? Seriously folks, we were all making fun of MLMs ten years ago, why are people still starting them up even today? It's like people who still have mullets even after pop-culture beat the daylights out of the dead horse of making fun of mullets. People with mullets today are either trying to be ironic, hate themselves, or have been living under a rock for a decade.

Now there's an idea - starting an MLM as a joke. An MLM to make fun of all the other MLMs. Nah, it's already old news. It's already passe - it's already time to move on to the next thing to make fun of.

So why the obsession with Pyramid Schemes (Yes, that's what they are)? I really want to know. First Nu-Skin - okay, a reasonable success, then Noni- another big one - and now everyone - like Goyin - wants to jump on board. I've litterally met people who have good business ideas, but they always want to try to find a way to back them into a pyramid scheme somehow. I don't think the model is great for plumbers and donut shops.

People ding and damage my car, and I am tired of it!

I have had it with Utah drivers (thats another story) and just all around stupid people. When I went up to visit BYU campus today, I came back to my car where a huge red SUV that was parked horribly and very close to my car(and if this is you, then we need to talk!) So, knowing from past experience, I was sure there was going to be some dings in the side of my car from their doors, and sure enough there was!! And in fact, the evidence was obvious that the person tried to just "rub it off," because my car is very dirty so you could see it. But you can't rub away red paint and a DENT in my door!!! And this obviously isn't the first time!! So what are we to do, and I pose this question to everyone!! What would you do?!

It is obvious that it was the car next to you, and evidence shows they tried to smudge it away, but unsuccessfully, and yet they still just left it. Isn't the definition of damage simply that, damage?! Does it really matter how big or small a "ding" might be. Would you have left a note had the ding appeared while you were parking, yet since the damage came as a result of your carelessness with your door, it's ok then?
I'm not sure what exactly should be done, but I think something should! My car which I try to take care of is covered in "dings" and I didn't put a single one there!!
I know other people have had these same experiences and feelings, so tell me what you would do?

What a joke: The BYU Finals Survival Kit

I just got an email from the BYU Student Alumni Association which addressed me as "Dear Parent" and asked me to buy a BYU Finals Survival Kit for "[my] student".

It costs $30 and includes the following:

  • BYU Mug
  • BYU Message Magnets
  • BYU Pencil
  • Chocolate Bar
  • Fresh Fruit
  • Fruit Juice
  • Skittles or Starbursts
  • Kellogg's Pop-Tarts
  • Cheese and Crackers
  • Granola Bar
  • Hot Chocolate
  • Gum
  • Fleece Blanket (only included in the first 300 orders)

Now, I really don't understand why I'm on the alumni list seeing as how I've got a year and a half to graduate. And even if was already an alumni I probably wouldn't have children at BYU yet.

But that's not my point. My point is that

Congratulations, people of Provo - you never fail to disappoint!

This morning as I was making the long and freezing trek on my bike to work, I saw a car back waaa-aa-aay too fast out of a parking stall, and ram a car. For one brief moment he paused, and I hoped upon hope that this sap would get out and take a little responsibility for his actions. For one instant, it must've crossed his mind to leave a note, or something of the sort. Instead, he floored it and left the apartment complex at speeds typically reserved for I-15. I'm sure he didn't even see me on my bike as I was taking down his license plate number.

This is just one example of the blatant

Ignorance of BYU Students

I opened up today's Daily Universe to read the letters to the editor (I can always use a good laugh at 8AM), and found that I actually wanted to confront two of the authors, one of whom I will address here.

The first person, David Christensen, wrote about how he's tired of paying high bankroll taxes ("paying for others' food, house, and kids"). [Sorry no link available yet-- only the printed edition is out now].

First of all, I'm sick and tired of people making assumptions up about welfare. The Utah budget (that Medicaid is paid out of, and that David referenced) spends 7.5% of its budget on welfare. That's right, 7.5%. Where does the Utah budget get it's money? According to records, 46.4% comes from income tax and 40.6% comes from sales and use tax. I wonder how much Mr. Christensen contributes. I consider myself a pretty average employed student. I think last year I paid the state of Utah less than $100 in income tax. Who knows how much sales tax, whatever percent of however many thousands of dollars we spent.

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