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Just when you thought it was safe to use your cell phone

from the not-only-cancer-causing dept.
You might want to reconsider where you place your cell phone at night when you read this. Apparently some lady was asleep out in Pennsylvania and was rudely awaken when her daughter's cell phone exploded. Fortunately nobody was hurt, but that has got to be too freaky for words.

My cell phone used to sleep right next to me on the desk next to my bed. I think I'm going to erect a protective shield around it so I don't ever get burned. You never know.

So much for 411: Google from your phone!

from the magical-telephone dept.
Google has just come out with a text messaging version of their service. You just send them a text message and they reply back to you almost instantly with your results.

Try sending a text message to the number 46645 (corresponding to the letters "GOOGL") with the text "pizza 84606" and Google will send you back the names, addresses, and phone numbers of all the nearest pizza places, or at least those nearest the 84606 zip.

It's all explained here.

Weapons that don't kill

from the fun-toys-for-the-apartment dept.
Sacbee is running an interesting article about the US Military's investment into non-lethal weapons. One of their projects is a dish used for firing an energy beam that paralyzes it's targets with pain but leaves no permanent damage. The article says that there are some thorny human-rights issues surrounding how these weapons could potentially be used. It says human rights advocates worry that this particular weapon "might be misused to harm civilians or converted into a torture machine that leaves no marks."

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