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ProvoPulse is back and better!

Hello everyone,

My name is Ben and I am the new owner of ProvoPulse. I'm also the webmaster of (you might have heard of the website around BYU). I am a current BYU student and am excited for this website.

When I got the site I wanted to fix the database. It was an older version of Drupal and it had lots of spam posts. I thought it was going to be a an easy fix but I was wrong! It took more time than anticipated, however, I am excited that the site is up and running.

We've taken the old database (Drupal 4) and upgraded it a newer and better one (Drupal 5). We are also in the process of removing all the spam posts that got past the filters in the past.

I can see great changes and updates for ProvoPulse in the future. It has come a long way and I have been an avid fan of the website for more than year now. I am hoping to do my part to keep the site strong and Provo connected!


Ben in Schooled Magazine

So the people over at Schooled magazine did a little blurp about the pulse. They sent me a preview of their september issue. I'll post the pdf file here, so come take a look:

September Preview of Schooled Magazine (in PDF format)

Podcast #11

New show. Don't worry I know it's been more than a week. We had Kenny from Decaf Comedy Jam.

Listen here or for some reason if you haven't already subscribed.

Provo Pulse #10

New Show. Return to Sender hung out. Check it out. These are correct links this time too.

Listen Here or Subscribe on Itunes

Podcast #9

Yet another Podcast. Sam and I did the first show of the year.

Listen Here or Subscribe on iTunes.

Podcast #8

Another Podcast out! We've made it to number 8.

Listen Here or Subscribe on iTunes

Podcast #7

We interviewed Dennison from about the company.

Listen Here or Subscribe on iTunes

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