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Chan Brothers: Quiet Inspirations

Some Provo locals and recent BYU grads, Jonathan and Benjamin Chan, have just been featured on KSL 5 announcing their first album: The Chan Brothers - Quiet Inspirations. The piece shows some great footage of the brothers as children practicing their violin and piano and shows the dedication it takes to release a quality album.

Check out the video on YouTube here:

If you're a fan of fresh arrangement of many LDS classic hymns, you should check out their site and pick up a CD:

Oh, What Do You Do in the Summertime?--InsideOut's Latest CD

I know you are out there a cappella fans. The Provo area has become known as an a cappella hotbed. One such group that had its foundations at BYU nearly a decade ago has just released its latest CD "Sharing Time".

InsideOut A Cappella's latest offering is filled with both upbeat and solemn numbers. Additional lyrics have been added to some of these beloved children's classics by the groups primary arranger Kimball Brown.

The CDs are available online through the groups website here at as well as locales such as Deseret Book and Seagull Book.

I have personally listened to this album and it did not disappoint. I really liked the track "Peanut Butter and Jelly" with its sweet harmonies and playful tone.

Kilby Court

So i went and saw an awsome show on Friday Night at Kilby Court in SLC. A small group out of California called "Rogue Wave". To recap the night we listened to three opening bands that were all pretty good and then the main event with Rogue Wave (all for 10$). They played an amazing set and then when we thought they were done invited the entire crowd to go outside with them where they played an acoustic show around a small campfire.

For those of you who have never been to Kilby, it is little more then a glorified backyard at the end of an deadend alley/street. There is no seating and the place is a little dirty, but they bring in some of the best shows i have ever been to. There is just something cool about the indie bands that are often times literally playing for gas money. Sure you can go to some of the larger venues in SLC and enjoy a great show with all the modern comforts available, but you can't always stand 3 feet from one of your favorite bands.

You can see upcoming shows at thier website Here will DJ your next party for FREE!

If you love Hip-Hop, R&B, Old School, Jazz, Latin, House Music and all kinds of Soulful Urban music but can't seem to find a DJ, Club or Event who plays "The Good Stuff", then look no further!

LATTERDAYSOUL.COM is fed up with today's corrupt media. We too are sickened by what is being played on our airwaves and dance floors across the world.

It is so difficult to convince people that the radio, TV and clubs are controlled by blood money (payola, mass marketing etc.). We have found most people don't even want to talk about it. Too many people are saying "it's not that bad". When it is now worse than ever!

We don't have the billions of dollars to program the minds of the consumer into thinking this is "what's cool" (not that we would). We do have experience, longevity, love for the music and most importantly, God given talents. [...]

Clean Flicks Song

The Clean Flicks Song - I wrote a song in 2003 about video stores that edit movies, and I never thought anything of it except as a goofy song and never played it. Then in early 2005, I played it for some friends and also at Muse Music and the response was surprisingly well. So I started playing it at other venues and the feedback continued to be good for this little novelty song.

This is a recording from a ward talent show in December 2005. Download


Midwife Crisis - Provo Podcast #25

Midwife Crisis is on the 25th Provo Podcast.

Midwife Crisis, who will be playing music and releasing their CD this Saturday at VELOUR, offer unto us its first track: "Balls to the Wall"

"Variations on a Theme," is a song from the Brilliant Stereo Mob, who will also being playing music, but releasing no cd, this Saturday at VELOUR.

Check out Loaf-i Records for tracks and info about all these bands...and don't forget the show this Saturday, February 18th 2005 at VELOUR:Live Music Gallery!

download the show, or
subscribe on iTunes.

Season 2 of the Provo Podcast - NEW SITE!

Season 2 of the Provo Podcast (Season 1 available on DVD at BestBuy and WalMart)

The new website has been spanked into existence by the local artists of Provo.

Provopodcast #18 with Blake Henderson playing hymns!

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