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Provo's most wanted

from the on-the-lookout dept.
how do these police sketch artists always make the people look so menacing and evil?  or are the people they draw just menacing and evil?
if you see this guy, call the police.
or there's always vigilante justice

$50 fines for Provo River tubers without life-jackets

from the reasons-for-more-cops dept.

Disaster has been averted thanks to a few dedicated police officers. According to Provo's Daily Herald,

"We just want people to be safe," Hunter said. "We haven't had any incidents yet, but we just don't want to have anything happen to anyone."

Of course not everyone is happy about $50 fines. A few snide observers reportedly "scoffed at the idea, and said there is no reason to wear life jackets on a river that never gets deeper than two feet".

In response to the rebel-rousers, an insightful ...

High-rise apartment to replace Campus Plaza

from the great-and-spacious-ain't-so-bad dept.
The Daily Universe recently published two articles (1, 2) about a newly proposed high-rise apartment building which is pending approval from the Provo City Council. The plan is to demolish Campus Plaza (those ghetto apartments just below the gated vehicle-entrance on the south edge of BYU campus) and to replace it with a 7-story complex complete with two balconies and a large atrium. In addition it will have a 3-story underground parking facility and a restaurant on the ground level!

Sounds awesome right? Well, the city council seems to think otherwise ...

Psycho-patriotism in Provo: Or Harry Potter and the Stadium of Fire

from the who-you-callin'-redneck dept.
Yes its Independence Day, the day when redneck conservatives and hippie liberals can get more pissed at each other about what this country, and the flag, stand for. Here in Provo the conservative influences that drown the area spark conservative festivals that celebrate the "true" meaning of freedom and independence. One would think that this would be a good thing, but here in Provo it's taken a bit to the extreme ...

30,000 BYU students = power at the polls

from the walking-dollar-signs dept.
Do you ever feel like you're living in a giant tourist-trap? or I guess it wouldn't be a tourist-trap but instead a student-trap. People are literally waiting around for you to make one wrong move so that they can boot you. If parking in Wells Fargo's lot this past winter from midnight until 7 a.m. was such a problem, why slap a boot on my car and force me to stay there all the next day? It doesn't seem right. Somehow towing would have been less of an insult.

Well, the Daily Herald has an opinion piece for those of us with these frustrations which ...

Provo: Angling for an urban feel

from the mean-streets-of-provo dept.
The Daily Universe is running an interesting article about Provo's plans for its struggling downtown. The city is working with Chris Leinberger--a consultant and "new urbanism pioneer"--to develop a plan that would create a high-density multi-use downtown area which "efficiently combine[s] high-end storefronts, executive office space, luxury housing and private parking into a multi-use facility." The article quotes Chris as saying that "Without a downtown, you don't have a living room, you don't have a community room [where] the entire town can come together. It just doesn't exist."

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