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Local Issues

One way to beat the boot

from the defenders-of-the-downtrodden dept.

This is from Sarah Lyall’s “London Journal” column in the New York Times:

    “[T]he masked Englishman who calls himself Angle-Grinder Man … has been trawling London for four months dressed in a homemade superhero outfit, complete with gold lame9 underpants and cape, removing the security boots from people’s illegally parked cars.

    As a one-man vigilante force, Angle-Grinder Man, who takes his name from the boot-destroying circular saw he wields, has made only a modest impact: by his own estimates, he has freed about 20 cars so far (he does it only part time). But his campaign against the city’s effort to immobilize cars for parking violations and other infractions has touched a nerve in a city of strict parking regulations, zealous traffic police officers, ubiquitous speed cameras and car owners increasingly aggrieved at what they believe is mean-spirited law enforcement.

Hannity's fat bill

from reasons-to-become-a-public-speaker dept.
This stuff about Hannity's bill to UVSC being $49,850 is a crock. The article says:

"We have hired private jets in the past," said Derek Hall, director of college relations at UVSC. "We had Larry King from California. Here and back cost $15,000."

So Hannity's travel costs were 3 times more than King's? Hannity also charged UVSC for his flight from Arizona back to New York which he had already planned on making anyway because he was going to be attending the presidential debate in AZ. That's pretty underhanded.

I just find it so ironic that Hannity comes here to ...

I was there

Well I was at the Sean Hannity shin dig. Unfortunately I named my post the exact same thing as the Daily Universe without knowing. I hope that doesn't mean I think like them (shudder). Check it out here.

Lori Hacking's body has been found

Looks like they found Lori. What a sad story. At least it's over now.

Michael Moore is coming to UVSC

from the mark-your-dayplanners dept.

I was shocked this morning to read in the Daily Universe that Michael Moore is going to speak at UVSC. According to the article, the news has lots of people up-in-arms.

The Daily Herald notes that,

Utah Valley State College's decision to bring controversial liberal filmmaker Michael Moore to speak on campus Oct. 20 is the single most divisive event the school has witnessed in the past decade and a half, according to a university spokesman.

"In 16 years, I can't think of any one event that was as polarizing as this," said Derek Hall, UVSC spokesman. He said the school's student leaders "were looking for someone who would get people's attention. Apparently, they were successful."

I'll say! I think it's kind of cool that ...

Provo's unforgiving streets

from the anti-lowrider-conspiracies dept.
I'm not sure what the deal is, but the roads around here are way rougher than what I grew up with back home. Saturday I was rolling with my roommate Matt (sun roof open ... bass thumping ... honeys double-taking ... you get the idea) on our way to ...

The Self Righteous and Stupid in Provo

from the harsh-headlines dept.
Some things really tick me off, as has been seen on other posts and comments that I have made. One of those things is the self righteous and stupid people that are mingled in the population with the rest of us here in Provo ...

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