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Local Issues

Dead body found near Seven Peaks

Here's the story:

ABC 4 News

Provo Police are investigating a dead body which was found by a jogger Saturday night, in a wooded area of the city.  The victim's identity is still a mystery.

Authorities say the body was discovered near Seven Peaks Drive in Provo... Police have not received any missing persons reports, so they are looking into the possibility that it is a runaway.

... A handgun was also found nearby.  However, the exact cause of death is unknown.

Would you go to a dance club in Provo?

DJ FLASH is currently taking a poll to see if there is demand for a dance club in Provo.

Since two years ago when Club Omni closed it's doors, people head to SLC for dancing in a club atmosphere. Club Fusion tried to take the place of Omni, but is currently geared more to (or at least filled with) junior high and high school students...not the ideal environment for college students to mix it up.

So, with the shut-down of Club Omni, it seems like the only place to dance in Provo anymore is for the cowboys and girls who like the country dances held every week.

Do you like hip-hop, trance, top 40, etc? What cover charge would you be willing to pay? Would you even go if there was a club? There are three polls to help answer these questions and roughly determine demand in the area. Vote, and let your voice be heard! Vote Here.

Top ten cool things about attending the premier of "This Divided State"

I got into the premier of "This Divided State", the documentary about the controversy surrounding Michael Moore's visit to UVSC last October. Here are some highlights:

10. Seeing Joe Vogel, the recently resigned and estranged Student Body VP (co-organizer of MM's visit) wait sullenly to greet director Steven Greenstreet.

9. When Jim Bassi, current Student Body President (co-organizer of MM's visit) stood to clear up speculation about the state of his and Joe's friendship following Joe's resignation. He emphatically refused to speak badly about him.

8. Getting my picture taken with Don from Napoleon Dynamite and hearing him say "Vote for Summer, right?"

7. Hearing Ken, the Michael Moore lookalike who caused an

Don't get burned: Weird Provo laws

I was talking with some friends last night and one of them told me that he'd gotten a ticket here for accelerating too fast once his stoplight turned green. That reminded me of my roommate freshman year who got an $80 ticket for squealing his tires slightly when accelerating.

Another friend mentioned that her roommate got a ticket for not having the ice completely cleared off of her back window before driving.

All of this got me thinking that ... uh ... now might be a good time to compare notes about things that you can get tickets for unsuspectingly, especially here in Provo where we have such a plethora of carefully thought-out laws governing each minute aspect of our existence.

Teen sentenced to 2 1/2 years for BYU fire

I guess some people have to learn the hard way.

Provo traffic lights

This explains a lot.

What I want to know is why the traffic lights around here don't start blinking red / yellow late at night so that we don't have to wait at empty intersections. That's how they do it in Austin, and it works great.

The snow

So in order to go to the gym tonight I had to fight with what seemed like a foot of snow that was piled up on my car. Thank goodness for my industrial grade telescoping jumbo snow / ice scraper. I don't know what I would have done without it.

All I know is ... this is the most snow I've ever experienced at BYU, and I'm not happy about it. Neither are these guys:

What's a poor duck to do!

Ok, so maybe I am happy about it. The skiing will be huge ...

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