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Local Issues

Starving Students?

I am sick and tired of being held up by the starving students salespeople. If they think their rudeness or persistence will get them a sale, they've got it wrong. I've even heard they've resorted to knocking doors at 9:00 PM! Are they trying to irritate the student body into buying their discount cards?

I might even consider buying a card if it weren't being shoved in my face every time I turn a corner. Are the cards such a bad deal they can only sell them by force? When are they going to lighten up?

President Bush coming to Utah
Terry Schow, director of the state's Division of Veterans Affairs, said Bush will fly into Salt Lake City on Monday, Aug. 22, to attend the annual Veterans of Foreign Wars convention at the Salt Palace Convention Center, which will run Aug. 20-25.

The visit will be Bush's second visit to the Beehive State since he was elected in 2000. Bush made his first stopover during the opening ceremonies of the 2002 Winter Olympics.

An amazing family!

You may have heard of the Richardson family on the news recently. A fire in their home put them in the spotlight(something they had hoped to avoide), but before the fire even happened, a loving community member was already working to get this family a playground.

Daynia Ruth was so inspired by the family, and their 20 children, that she was motivated to action. All but four of the children were adopted from other countries, and some have special needs. The original plan was to make the yard into a wonderful play area for all of the kids, something that would be fun and beautiful, but most of all, accessible to their special needs children.

Have you checked out the skies?

Check out the article on Vermillion Skies seen here. Have any of you visited this place yet? It's a de-cafe. The Summer hours aren't that great, but during the school year it is a 24-hour place that is great to study, or just to hang out. I stayed there from 11 to 4 for my final during Spring term.

Last night I got the Coconut-Almond blended Frappucino, and it was bellisimo! If anyone wants to head over, give me a call.

"The Vault" to open in downtown Provo

With all the reasons for not attempting to open a dance club in Provo, two brave souls--Mario and John Uceda--are doing just that:

The Daily Universe
Danceless Provo will soon be dancing again when The Vault, a dance club and lounge, opens this fall in the new Wells Fargo building...

Construction on the interior will begin the end of May and the club plans to open in August — just in time for fall semester.

And shockingly,

Provo City officials do not oppose the new club. Paul Warner, Provo City councilman, said the

Students fined over $1,300 for trespassing

Speaking of dating, this sounds like fun:

The Daily Universe
It started out as a dating activity, but ended with $82-trespassing tickets all round.

Fourteen BYU students and three others were cited for trespassing by police for throwing milk jars filled with gasoline down a mineshaft just southwest of Provo.

On April 16th at 1:03 a.m., Provo police officers issued trespassing citations to 17 students at the Bergin Mine area, Elberta, an unincorporated town south of Provo...

Some of those students were dates that did not even know what they were going to do until they got there...

Provo: the criminal's paradise

Be warned:

6- off- campus, student apartment complexes ... were broken in to, this weekend.

In nearly all of the cases ... the thief got in through an unlocked door ... and, stole DVD players, laptops and other expensive items.

Police, are now beefing up patrols ... between one and five, in the morning ... when most of the thefts occurred.

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