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BYU student to hold classic gaming tournament

from the 8-bits-on-the-big-screen dept.
On October 9th 2004 a BYU student will hold the first Dr. Mario tournament in the history of Utah Valley.

Last month Nick Pasto, an Art Education student at BYU, had his classic Nintendo Entertainment System (TM) mailed to him. After finding the right wires to connect the console to his TV, and blowing the 15 year old dust out of the grey cartridges, Nick was transported into an 8-bit world of nostalgia.

Recognizing the euphoria induced by these simple games, Nick started searching for an avenue to share this joy with others in the community. Nick explained, "There was this movie called 'Wizard' when I was a kid and ...

Fall Fest Feedback (What Alliteration!)

from the formerly-known-as-fall-fling dept.
I was one of the chairs for Fall Fest and I wanted to know what everyone thought. How well was it managed? What activities did you like or dislike? What would you change if you were running the show? How long did you have to wait in line? Did you even go? If you didnt go, why not? Just antisocial?

I have Social Disease. I have to go out every night. If I stay home one night I start spreading rumors to my dogs.
-Andy Warhol

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