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Myspace professor ratings

I noticed myspace has added a really cool feature which allows you to grade professors in college that you have had. This can serve as a guide for students signing up for classes to make sure they get decent teachers.

I also see this being a really good tool for teachers to use to get honest feedback on their performance. It will encourage teachers to improve their teaching if they become less popular because they are rated poorly.

There were already quite a few ratings for teachers at UVSC and I was able to add my own. The more people who use it, the more useful it will be.

Mormon Studies Club at UVSC

There is a new Mormon Studies Club beginning at UVSC which will be looking at different academic approaches to Mormonism (theology, culture, history, etc). The first meeting will be this Wednesday at 1pm in LA109 (Liberal Arts bulding, 1st floor, east hallway). Anyone is welcome to attend.

In Defense of BYU

A year later, he still works here.

[Editor's note: See our earlier--and somewhat controversial--stories about this here and here.]

Duke's gambit: free iPods for freshmen

from the unhappy-sophomores dept.
Slashdot is reporting that this fall Duke University will be giving an Apple iPod to each of their 1,650 incoming freshman "as part of an initiative to encourage creative uses of technology in education and campus life ... Through a special Duke Web site modeled on the Apple iTunes site, students also can download faculty-provided course content, including language lessons, music, recorded lectures and audio books. They also will be able to purchase music through the site."

Definitely a bold move on Duke's part. This may turn out to ...

Testing Center Website Woes

from the one-step-forward-two-steps-back dept.
Chris writes: "I've noticed that the testing center website isn't nearly as good as it used to be. They used to let you see the time-period that your test was going to be available but now all it shows are the tests you've already taken. It also used to have a live camera that showed you how long the line is as well as a forecast for how long the lines would be during the next few days. Whatever happened to all of this? Is there some reason it was taken away? Also, why doesn't the site have the answers that I bubbled in on my test and what the correct answers were? And why can't I get back my original scantron sheets? I would rather not have to put my blind faith in the scantron machine." Well said. I'm sure many have been wondering the same. Got something to say? Add your own comments.

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