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Love BYU...but what is left of Deseret Towers?

I lived in DT in 1985-1986 and loved every moment of it. My fondest memories of BYU, actually. I went back to Brigham Young last November for the BYU-Texas Football game and was a bit surprised to see V & W Halls gone and the rest ready for the wrecking ball. What is left now...anything?

So sad to see relics of my BYU experience going, going gone, and much of the campus had been improved, still loads of other bits have not changed at all. If anyone who visits this site is on campus let me know here.

On another note, I loved every moment as a student at BYU and have nothing but great, great memories. As a non-member, and probably the only Jewish kid on campus at that time I never once felt alienated. Although, on my last visit I did sense that it doesn't seem as fun as I remember it being. Maybe it comes with age or having a much higher standard than when I was there. Still, beautiful place to get an education.

Best wishes from Los Angeles,


Cloak Boy

Well, well, well, cloak boy has become famous. I've now read about this mysterious (young) man capped by a ratting BYU student who narked to a BYU police officer. What did he do? He was singing in the rain. Isn't that the title of a clean musical. Two Thumbs Up for "Cloak Boy"!!! I've read about him on and BYU's Daily Universe newspaper "Letters to the Editor". I'm glad there are various avenues for student voices and that The Daily Universe is not the only representative. Kudos to Provo!!! You rock.

Movie Reviews with Your Values in Mind!

I gotta kick out of this

So I saw this story in the Daily Universe and chuckled after realizing the parallels with the name of the article and the name of this website site (Provopulse and Campus Pulse). Then of course the topic of the article, and the topics posted on this website a day before....

So I guess we know of one person who reads this site :)

Campus Pulse: Who will win the general presidential election?

Are some BYU students going too far with the Cheney visit?

I'm all about the great freedoms that we enjoy here in these wonderful United States. I especially enjoy the chance to attend BYU in Provo (although BYU has its own share of problems with the administration no doubt). However, I think that the students who are protesting the Cheney visit are going too far. Everyone has their right to political freedom even at a private university. But he is the Vice President of the United States; doesn't he deserve some respect? I doubt he'll even talk about the War in Iraq or the policies employed by the Bush administration. He's going to praise the graduates for passing a huge milestone, and being the 2nd most powerful man in the World (which is up for debate I'm sure) shouldn't everyone be thrilled that he'll come to our university, in the crazy mormon town of Provo?

I personally think that the students who are protesting, or worse yet trying to come up with something different should go back to finding a date on Friday night and finishing their class finals.

9/11 Professor on Paid Leave

BYU will undoubtedly face more criticism for putting Professor Steven Jones on paid leave. Bring on the accusations of the university kowtowing to the republican/religious right agenda.

His views may prove to be true but as BYU said, "BYU remains concerned that Dr. Jones' works on this topic has not been published in appropriate scientific venues."

I don’t even know what side I am on regarding this one. I just find it terribly intriguing.


Who is this lady?


This is a poor picture [Editor's note: picture now removed], but you'll probably recognize this woman if you've been at BYU for long. I see her in the wilk on a regular basis, usually having a conversation with someone who she has apparently cornered.

A few minutes ago I saw her go over and sit down at this guy's table in the courgareat. She stayed there talking to him for some time and only left once he gave her money for Taco Bell.

And I don't blame him. I'd probably give her money too. It's definitely not easy to turn a panhandler down, especially one who's asking for food-money while you're in the middle of a nice hearty meal.

This woman has apparently mastered the art of begging one's way into obesity. She begs, we give. She eats, then begs again. As far as I can tell she's been living off of BYU students for years.

And the poor lady is grossly obese--to the point that she can barely walk. I've never talked with her, but she looks like she may even be mentally ill.

I obviously don't know anything more about her situation than what I've observed first-hand, but I can tell that something needs to be done.

What do you do for someone in this sort of situation? Giving her money hasn't done much to help. She's still idling her days away in the wilk begging, we're still giving, and nothing changes.

BYU: maybe not that different after all?

Today I stumbled across a website for the UCSD Guardian, the student newspaper for the University of California at San Diego, where a number of my high school friends attended college. I often wonder how BYU measures up to schools that are more diverse and liberal, so I was curious to see what issues are debated at UCSD. Here are links to some of the articles I found:

Student government elections plagued by grievances and last-minute disqualifications. Sound familiar?

Arguments about free speech on campus.

I was intrigued, so I skimmed over the student newspaper sites for a few other universities. Here's what they've been reporting on:

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