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Two BYU students missing in southern Utah

This doesn't look good:

Salt Lake Tribune

Rescuers today plan to send search teams into a narrow slot canyon in rugged country about 30 miles east of Escalante to look for two men who failed to return from a hike Saturday.

Garfield County sheriff's Deputy David Roberts said the men, whose names were not released, are students at Brigham Young University and have relatives in the Provo area.

On Wednesday the two men began hiking in the area, accessed by the Egypt trailhead off the Hole-in-the-Rock Road. The area is on the boundary of the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument and the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area.

He said family members contacted the sheriff's office Saturday night when the two were supposed to have finished their hike.

Searchers began looking for the pair Sunday after finding their car.

Does anyone know the names of these guys?

Update: Their bodies have been found:

Deseret News

Two Brigham Young University students were found dead Tuesday in a remote and rugged canyon in southern Utah.

Rescuers had been searching for John Anderson, 25, and Brad Underwood, 24, for almost four days when divers found their bodies in a pool of water 10 to 15 feet deep.

Family members, who had traveled from Arizona and Provo to assist in the search, identified the bodies at about 4:30 p.m.

Anderson, from St. David, Ariz., and Underwood, from Tucson, were supposed to graduate from BYU this week...

Underwood was one of the brightest students in the physics department, Cullen said, and planned to pursue a career in the Air Force after graduation.

"I know when someone dies people only remember good things about them, but there are only good things to remember about Brad," he said. "He was an exceptional person."

Jay Christofferson, chairman of the construction-management program at BYU, said Anderson was well-known by students and faculty alike.

"He was very likeable, very friendly and outgoing," he said.

This is truly a tragedy.

They found their bodies today

They found their bodies today at 4 p.m. One of the guys John Anderson, is from my ward. Please keep their families in your prayers tonight as well as his roomates and friends.

Do you know what happened to

Do you know what happened to them then?

This is terrible. My wife an

This is terrible. My wife and I will keep the familes and friends of these guys in our prayers.

brad underwood

Brad or "Cadet Underwood" was in my AFROTC detachment. I remember seeing him and his wife only about a week ago at our pass and review. This is so sad.

I live in Roman Gardens. And

I live in Roman Gardens. And the details of what have happened haven't been released yet.

John Anderson

I know it's a common, but his name sounds really familiar.

What ward are you in, James?

Does anyone else know these guys?

John Anderson

I was in John's home stake in Arizona. I met him at a Young Single Adult activity for New Years. He was a really sweet guy. When I heard he was killed. It was really tough. His family is definitely in a LOT of prayers..