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Losing light through disobedience

A Sunday thought:

"And that wicked one cometh and taketh away light and truth through disobedience, from the children of men ..." (D&C 93:39)

Through disobedience we gradually lose both light and truth--or, in other words, intelligence. Insights and knowledge we once had are taken from us. Priceless gospel vistas--once discovered with excitement and beheld with awe--vanish from sight.

It's even more startling to observe that, much of the time, we don't recognize their absence. It goes unnoticed until rediscovering what was lost.

Very true...

On my mission I was trying to help an less active older couple (whose grandson we were teaching the missionary discussions) to come back to the Church after 10+ yrs of innactivity. He had been a bishop twice in the past (and I heard he was a good one), but he had been offended by someone from the stake leadership (something really dumb which was actually that bishop's fault) and stopped attending Church.

At the end of one of our visits (which pretty much ended in a bunch of excuses for not attending), my companion asked innocently, "Do you have any questions?" The bishop stops for a second, he think and says "Yes, Elder, I have a question". He pulled out the Book of Mormon and started quoting passages that made him think that God and Christ were actually the same person. We tried to answer those questions and gave him some things to read on the topic.

It was very sad to see a man that had been such a great contribution to the Church in the past struggling with concepts that are actually clarified in the first 3 pages of the missionary discussions.

By the way, a couple of weeks later, the wife kicked us out of the house and told us not to come back. We had told her that, in order for their grandson to be baptized, they needed to bring him in a regular basis to Church. She took personal offense by this although we tried our best to be respectful and sensitive when we told them.

I am guilty

I am constantly reminded of this very fact. Many of the things I learned in the past as either a missionary, teacher, or just student of the gospel I feel I lose because of lack of scripture study, lack of intent prayer, and lack of holding things as sacred as they should be. I find it imperative for myself, and everyone else who loves this gospel to constantly be learning more, and adding to the light that we have received. To cease to move forward, is really just the process of moving back. We can't stand still in the gospel...

Something my dad always says:

Hhhhh...this reminds me of something my dad always says, "the church is true in spite of it's members". It may seem too simplified, but really it isn't. Just like the original post is stating, we always need to keep our focus on constantly feeding our spirit with the gospel as not to lose what we have. If we can do this, and always remember the truthfullness of it's teachings, we'll be able to over-look the imperfections that befall not just the members of the church, but everyone. We should be slow to be offended...

As well, we should be careful not to offend. This is another thing I have learned from my dad (both through his direct teaching and through his example). My dad has taught me how to say the phrase, "I'm sorry"...something that can be hard for anyone to do, but that really can mend so many things. Thru his teachings he's taught me to say it, and through his actions he's taught me to mean it. So many times I've watched my dad apologize to people for things that were not meant to be offensive, but could have been intended that way. He's had the opportunity to serve in ward and stake leadership positions, and I've watched him stand with heavy heart at times and apologize to the members as a whole for the times that he may have unknowingly offended. He cares for the members and is careful to cover his ground and make sure everyone knows his love for them, and even without any feedback that he is being offensive, he still worries that he may be offensive and apologized for it 'just in case'.

it's sad to see someone leave the church, or even to see someone leave anything (team, family, organization) because they felt they have been offended (heavens, this site would no longer exist if that were the case! :)) Really, we all should be aware of this and remember to be slow to offend, and probably slower to be offended.

ha...thinking of my dad, and how saying 'sorry' really can fix so many problems if done with the right attitude, makes me think of those commercials (I can't remember what company they are for) where just the simple phrase "Thank You" fixes problems such as 'mistakingly asking a woman when she is due when she isn't even pregnant', and such. Have any of you seen this's great!