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How do you like your Party in Provo?

I need the opinion from the masses. I'm the event planner for SICK EVENTS the new production group here in Provo and I need some help knowing what you people want at a party, show, event, or whatever.

We're putting on a rock show this Thursday night at Bleachers and I'm up for any suggestions for things people might want to have/see at the show.

Let me know.

Hey Dean, What time's the

Hey Dean,

What time's the show on Thursday? Your Guitars Plugged show was pretty sweet man, I only cought the tail end of it but what I did hear was great! So just post the time and I'll be there.


A lot of Provo kids like to go up SLC for 80's night at Area 51. All the big parties around here play radio hip-hop for the bump-n-grind crowd, but there's definitely demand for smaller-venue 80's dancing. I was at an 80's dance at cafe del sol, and there were plenty of people for something that doesn't really get advertised.

I agree!

Great 80's music, and none of the hip-hop, would be great. It is a pain to have to drive up to SLC to go dancing, not to mention that you have to deal with drunk people in the clubs there as well.

my opinion doesn't reflect the majority of provo-ians, but...

so i think it's awesome that you're planning parties/shows/dances and such, but i think you should keep dances and concerts separate. they both have their own unique vibe, and i think combining the two kinda takes something away from the fun of a rock show. but yeah dean, your guys' guitar nights kick ass.

Show starts at 8:30

I listed the show on the calendar -------> the time stamp doesn't seem to be working for it though. See you there!

Very True

I'll have to look in to finding some more 80's coverbands and do a 80's dance/cover band party. Thanks for your feed back.

i think you should keep dan

i think you should keep dances and concerts separate.

Me too.