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A different view of PDA at BYU

It looks like I'm not the only one who thinks people blow this PDA thing out of proportion:

The Daily Universe

One of the biggest annoyances of the spring or summer, I would argue, is not the “public displays of affection” as much as the surge of students that complain endlessly about these “phantom” events. I’m more than willing to admit that I might be wrong but in my four years at BYU I have seen zero, okay, maybe one or two couples blatantly making out in public. So I pose the question, is there REALLY a problem with PDA in broad daylight on campus or are these whiners just seeing ghosts, or perhaps they’re seeing one couple and they immediately jump to the gross overgeneralization that they cannot seem to make it across the sidewalks in between classes without being splattered by stray saliva or feeling like they need to meet with their bishop.

[A]sk yourself the question, Is there really a problem or am I just being hypersensitive? ... I have ... never seen enough documented cases of it to feel like I need to preach on the street corner to save the world and BYU from its sins. Maybe if you weren’t so frequently atop your lofty perch on your soapbox looking for it, you wouldn’t see it as often as you think you do.

Tyler Rands
Herndon, Va.

Amen, Tyler. Amen.

Now keep in mind that I shortened his letter a bit. The full thing isn't as harsh.

BYU is tame...

Anyone who thinks there is a PDA problem at BYU should spend 1 hour on just about any other College campus in the country on a warm Spring day.

I have been here almost three

I have been here almost three years. I see PDA once in a while, but hardly enough that I send a letter to the Universe whining about it. I guess that sort of thing doesn't bother me as much as it does some people. Then again, I don't freak out when I see people walking across the grass and I don't call the honor code office if I see a girl's knee or back for a second. I also tend not to throw a fit if someone doesn't stop for the star-spangled banner.

Maybe I'm just not a good zoobie.

I concur

I agree completely. I think that there are occasional couples that get out of hand, but seriously, anyone who has enough spare time on their hands to write an editorial about BYU PDA is a lameo and probably jealous.

Amazing how little BYU has changed in 22 years

Now same sex PDA at BYU. That would be news.

PDA rocks

I personally think PDA is good. Who cares if people make-out? Yeah, i think mainly it's the people who never get kissed who make a big deal about it. If they (those who make-out) want to make-out then power to them.
Infact, I'm almost positive that one of the unspoken "AIM's" of BYU is GET can you do that without making out?


PDA Jealousy

I'm jealous because people have bigger Palms or iPaqs than I do. I want a better PDA.

But seriously... all of the people who mitch and boan about seeing PDA are typically the (1) prudes who think that kissing is something you do across an alter or (2) somebody who isn't getting any. The prudes should go lock themselves in their rooms so that they do not have to tolerate us heathens, and the people who aren't getting any should just go get some.

once true

I agree dJake - I saw some people making out today next to the Testing center ....i thought to myself..."wow, that guy must be happy." Can we not rejoice in another mans (womans) accomplishments?