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Adidas' "Hello Tomorrow" commercial

I've seen this commercial twice tonight while watching TNT. It's incredible.

For just the mp3, click here.

My votes.

That commercial is pretty cool. I think that my two favorites right now are
1. The HP printer one where the guy is sort of dancing to the music and he keeps lifting frames up and some turn into pictures and then some of the pictures just kinda turn into reality. Besides cool effects, that song and dance is awesome.
2. The Dr. Pepper commercial where the background song is, "I would do anything for love," and the dude goes and buys some tampons for the little girl, and lets his girlfriend cuddle up to him, and then as she reaches for the Dr. Pepper the song is cued right to the, "but I won't do that!" part and he takes off running down the street with the drink in his hand. I can't help but laugh every time I see him running.

Spike Jonze is a genius. His

Spike Jonze is a genius. His music videos for the Beastie Boys' "Sabotage" and Fatboy Slim's "Weapon of Choice" are the greatest videos ever.


I like how he takes a "step into the darkness." Very metaphorical.

Burger King

Burger King recently released a commercial like the ones posted on that site, but it isn't there. The "king" hands a sandwich to a guy through a window. At the end of it the guy kinda laughs and the camera switches back the the "king" where he is standing with his arms out, christus style, and animals all around. A bird lands on him, deer walking up, etc. The in prints the lettering over him, "Wake up with the King." Definitely a Christ reference.

I think I caught the tail end of it after I had seen if for two days with the ending changed slightly. It showed him from behind, and he turned to the side and maybe walked off. I am guessing they may have changed if because of some upset people. Dunno.

Anyone else catch it?


Awesome. I'm pretty sure that's what it must feel like to be on a lot of drugs. Not that I'm an expert or anything...

The Work of Director Spike Jonze

I would just recommend that everyone see the DVD The Work of Director Spike Jonze at least once during this earth life. His work is incredible.


I had no idea Spike Jonze did "Sabotage." That's my favorite video of all time. This commercial is very, very cool.

I've seen that. Well worth wa

I've seen that. Well worth watching.