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Spring Break for BYU students

After recieving tons of emails from all of my friends at different colleges and browsing through their Spring Break Vacation pictures/stories, I was left to wonder why we don't have a spring break at BYU. I have heard the usual, "BYU doesn't want us to get ourselves into trouble" (a reference to drinking and morality) but I don't think I have ever heard a definitive answer to this perplexing question.

Obviously not everyone would go to Cancun (I would though) but I am sure that everyone could use a week off from school. Maybe it's just me, but I get way more burned out during winter semester than the fall semester. I honestly believe it's because we don't have any time off like the Thanksgiving break in the fall.


I'd rather just get school over with and go home early. I couldn't enjoy spring break knowing exams awaited me upon my return...

Spring break

One of my buddies came back from NYU during spring break, and having been a student at the Y before, he had never experienced it before. Let me tell ya... he was really endorsing it's practice by the end of the week.


I actually really miss having a nice break during the spring. Sure it is great getting out early but I would rather have a week to relax and/or get caught up for finals.


Come on guys spring? We haven't even really had one of those yet. By time it feels like spring we will definately have a break.

No brainer

Please. The Administration doesn't want BYU to have a Spering Break because to many students would go to S. Padre, Cancun, or Florida and get drunk...or come back pregnant.
Or heaven forbid, make it onto a DVD of 'Girls Gone Wild'!

They would have to kick too many students out of school each year!

I've Heard...

From my understanding BYU does not have a spring break because of scheduling issues involving EFY, CES, Various Sports Camps, and fitting in two semesters of school in 4 months (Spring/Summer)

I agree

I would just have a guilty feeling all spring break knowing that by not studying I was getting behind in my classes, etc.

Also, I like getting out of school so much earlier than other universities. It's made getting summer internships easier as well as allowed me to work longer during the summers giving me more money for the next school year.

I think it may have more to d

I think it may have more to do with the 4 months of spring/summer school, although really, that is just speculation. But I've worked both in the CES office and the Sports Camp office and neither of those are factors because high school kids don't even get out of school until closer to June. I personally never cared that much about the break when I was going to school, it didn't really bother me. But had they had the break, I'm sure I would have been cool with it too.

Feel guilty ....?

Why would you feel guilty not studying during a spring break? That is a scheduled time when assignments and tests aren't given out. It would be like putting your academic life on hold for a week to re-gain your sanity. Who would pass up an opportunity for fun and adventure while getting rejuvenated for the final stretch of school?

Not me. And not anyone that I know who enjoys a good time. The rest of y'all can go straight through killing yourself mentally (emotionally and socially) while my friends and I hit up Park City, Vegas, or even LA guilt-free. Happy studying!!

Don't get me wrong ... I woul

Don't get me wrong ... I wouldn't do a lick of work over spring break ... but I'd have a nagging feeling knowing that I'd be forgetting everything I'd learned that semester.

You wouldn't feel that way? at all?

What's great about Christmas break is that we're between semesters. I love it because I don't have a care in the world. It's just 100% fun all day, everyday.

Mason, you've obviously never

Mason, you've obviously never worked retail over Christmas Break. Its basically the worst thing ever.


Retail over Xmas break=DEATH.