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Urban legends quiz

These are 30 of the strangest pictures I think I've ever seen.

Take the quiz and check to see whether they're real or fake ...

I got a 67%. I don't care wh

I got a 67%. I don't care what they say about the hilbilly wedding; I served my mission in the south and that is about as real as it gets.


Worm from the eye-kind of made me want to shoot myself in the eye
I got just about the first 20 right, but there was a section where I kept getting every single one wrong.

Nice quiz Brad

I got a 73%. Usually I'm pre

I got a 73%. Usually I'm pretty good at spotting bad Photoshop, but some of those were well done.


I got a 67% and couldn't believe the pictures at first. Once you know which ones are real and which ones are fake, the next time through isn't as amazing. I could not believe the Iraqi spider, though. I'd like some verification.

yay 80%!

I'm the winner so far! I think I did so well because I've seen some of those pictures before and already knew if they were real or fake. Plus some of them you can just tell were photoshopped. Awesome, thanks!


I swear that extra sized catfish was some fancy editting... I was looking at the dude on the left and his hands looked like they weren't really in the right place.

careful licking envelopes

I got a 73%. I was amazed at some that they said were true. But the one the grossed me out the most is the worm in the eye...I can't imagine that. I worked with a woman who knew a girl that had licked an envelope and got a paper cut on her tongue from it. Over time she had to go to the hospital and they ended up removing the same thing from her tongue! They told her that the larvae sometimes live in huge storage houses (like ones they store envelopes in) and that the eggs get in the glue on the envelopes. Something to think about the next time you go to lick an envelope!



83% !!

My roommate and I looked through this together ... so that may have helped some.

Dude, I knew those mating spiders were legit though ... that was sick. I guess it's just another reason to value the sacrifices of our soldiers.


I admit that I read the original post and first response so the Hilbilly Wedding was a gimme. Though, to be honest, I would have guessed the same anyway.:)

I think the test is wrong about the spider picture

I got this one wrong because I had seen the picture before and did a little research to find the picture isn't truthful. So I guess the quiz is wrong in this respect. Here's a quote from a quick google search:

This is a great example trick photography and perspective... It's been cropped down to make you think it's as big as the leg of the man in the background. In fact, look at the upper right, the wrist cuff, and also too many legs... Appears like maybe one spider biting another spider, each really maybe hand sized. Probably about the same size as the tarantulas on Mt. Diablo in our desert.

Actually this creature is known as a solfugid, or more commonly, a camel spider. They are quick, bad tempered, have a voracious appetite and have a nasty bite. But they dont have venom, and they dont spin webs. Anything else about them sucking innards out or people waking up without any of their digits is purely a myth. There is a picture doing the rounds showing two of the beasties with US desert uniforms in the background. Althought they can grow quite large, this picture makes them look larger than they actually are.

from this site:


I don't think they were mating. I think one was biting the other, right?

Thank you, beebs

Yeah, so the picture is legit, it's just a trick on your perspective. I knew it was unbelievable....

Thank you for finding that out for me so I can sleep again....