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America as a role model

As Americans, we have a great sense of pride. I, myself, love our country and would do anything to protect it. I recently read an article from Rasmussen Reports which got me thinking about whether the rest of world would be better if it were more like us.

Rasmussen Reports

[W]hile a solid majority [of Americans] views [our nation as fair], there are significant differences of opinion among partisan, ideological, and political fault lines.

Among Bush voters, 83% say that American society is generally fair and decent. Just 7% say it is basically unfair and discriminatory.

While Bush voters are united behind this perception, Kerry voters are divided--46% say fair and decent while 37% say unfair and discriminatory.

Eighty-one percent (81%) of Bush voters also believe the world would be better if other nations were more like the United States. This view is shared by just 48% of Kerry voters...

Moderate voters, by a 3-to-1 margin think that having other nation's more like us would create a better world.

Similar differences of opinion were found on the question of the United Nations. Just 38% of American voters have a favorable opinion of that organization.

Read the whole article here.

I personally believe that the world would be a better place if they had a democracy like unto our own. Most of the world lacks the basic human rights that we enjoy. I've spent some time in many countries around the world, and I am thankful we have the country we have. I am not saying there is no need for improvement, but I believe that we have the greatest government in the world. That is why we are the most powerful country in the world, financially and Militarily. We are not better than them, but we have a better system then them, and consequently live better lives.

What are your opinions on the subject? Are we the world's role model? If so, how do we help it? If not, why not?

A mis-lead following

However much I love this country, the role-model factor of it is not much to speak of. I grew up on Europe and have seen the effects of the American pop culture on the rising generation. The majority of them believe that America is only movie stars and fashion. The America that I know is not represented. Just as the real Michael Jordon was never truely represented. For example, all we ever saw was the Amazing basketball star, the wheaties guy, and the hanes model. We never knew him personally. What was his family life like, or what were his values? This is the problem America is facing today. Sure it is great to know that Bush supporters believe that if more countries were like America it would be a better place, but what they say doesn't matter. They are not outside dealing with the "bad" effects of America. If the inside of America was manifest on the out side, I would agree with the Bush supporters. The people outside this country do not truely know America. All they see is the distorted media of movie stars and rumors of wars. America therefore is not such a hot role-model. We need to let people know what the inside of her is all about. The superficial side is the America people hate. If only they could see how you all pull together in times of need. THEN other countries would have something to look up to.

The Good Ol' US of A

Koilada, I do agree with some of the things that you said. I was in South Africa for 2 years and the people in the rising generation there would always ask me, "Do you know any Movie Stars?" I would reply that I didn't, and there were shocked. They believe that America is this place where all the girls are pretty and everyone drives nice cars. This is not the part of America we want as a role-model for all of the other countries out there. However, I believe that there is a part of America that everyone sees that all should look up to. For one, we have a constitution that many countries have modeled thiers after. Something the movies and media portray correctly is our stand against injustice. Other countries hate that America got so involved in the war against terrorism. But they do not understand that this is what America is all about. We were founded to make a place where people could live freely. When that is threatened, we cannot sit still. This is the part of America that all should adopt.

We are the best...

Honestly the world would be a much better if it patterned itself after our great nation. Granted what the world thinks of us is skewed, but I believe that slowly and surely the world is taking on more and more of our American society. First you have to look at China. Once thought to be so great and powerful in its communistic government. It is slowly but surley caving to the free market enterprise that personifies economics in the U.S. We have created a 'brand name' as it were, and everyone wants it. I think the world would look nice all wearing, "Made in the USA".

If our families, schools and

If our families, schools and universities, and places of employment are run like dictatorships, it doesn't matter what supposed freedoms we have in our system. That's where we live and die.
This nonsense about being the best is smoke and mirrors and a source of unrighteous pride. Furthermore, so many of the things that could be a source of real enjoyment in daily life, like food for example, have been so diluted by greed that you can hardly eat the products that have replaced food. Sadly, most people don't even realize what they're missing. They are happy to eat pure crap. In Germany you need the equivalent of a masters degree just to open a bakery. Is this a lack of freedom? Maybe. But the benefit you get from having truly quality baked goods far surpasses any downside.

I think Americans are general

I think Americans are generally pretty big-headed. I was in Russia and remember hearing other Americans ask the Russians what they thought of America. Basically got the same response. "Who cares? What do you think of Norway? Or Sweden? Oh, you don't give a rats arse? Neither do we." I think that we tend to believe we're at the top of the hill and everyone else just longs to be like us. That's hardly the case. Sure, we have a good economic system, and a successful government, but so did a lot of other nations before they fell.

I wouldn't mind living elsewhere.

I think America is a great ro

I think America is a great role model for the world. It's the best role model the world has got. You can consider Americans with national pride big-headed, that's fine, but I think they have alot of reason to be proud of America. American pride is nothing compared to Samoan pride - yet none of us are accusing Samoans of being big-headed. America is the easiest to accuse because they're the most prominent country in so many fields. Also, alot of people give extreme weight to the most recent foreign policies - including the War in Iraq - to say that America is trying to take over the world, or overstep its bounds. That is simply too narrow-minded a view.

I think people focus too much on the mistakes America makes - probably only because those mistakes are played out on the world stage because America is the only superpower, as well as the epicenter of the large majority of the world's media (TV, news, cinema, music, etc.) Alot of countries don't even have entertainment industries because they can rely solely on entertainment from the United States. I don't think America is necessarily a role model in the kind of entertainment they bring to the world, but they are a role model in pioneering and bringing forth much of the entertainment industry.

In fact, America has been a role model throughout its history in a number of categories.

Sports - the United States holds the most all-time olympic medals in modern olympics, including by far the most in the Summer Olympic games, and the second most in the Winter Games. The U.S. brought the world basketball and baseball - two of the worlds most lucrative sports.

Science and technology - the United States has been home to a huge amount of inventions that bless our lives and are used around the world. Some of them include: the typewriter, dishwasher, modern sewing machine, modern elevator, telephone, AC motor, modern radio, modern cinema, modern vacuum cleaner, Air conditioning, gas motored/manned airplane, photocopier, microwave oven, television, cell phone, credit card, modem, email, audio tape, compact disc, tape recorder, floppy disk, keyboard, mouse, printer, as well as huge advances to improve other inventions like the locomotive, the internal combustion engine, the automobile, the computer, the internet, to name a few. This doesn't include the many smaller inventions which have improved the utility of earlier ideas. And this doesn't even mention medical advances, medicines discovered, or the fact that the US has the most Nobel Prize Laureates in the world.

business - In business, Americans developed the assembly-line, current business accounting, big business and specialization. America is home to the largest and most technologically advanced securities exchange market, as well as the accounting standards upon which several other markets are based. Americans developed modern business and accounting practices, as is apparent by their enormous GDP. The United states has by far the largest GDP in the world - almost twice as large as the next biggest (China - which has about 4 times the population)

government - the US constitution was among the first of its kind and has since been the model upon which many other countries' constitutions and governments have been based. The US has a very low relative amount of government corruption, although some of you won't believe it. Also, instilling democracy in Iraq has helped spread democracy, and freedom, in several countries throughout the world (see Travis' post at for a better idea.)

I'm sure each of those areas could be expanded much further, and several other fields added to the list, I just got tired of researching. Oh, and all of this has been accomplished in less than 250 years. Show me another country who has had that much influence and accomplished as much....ever - let alone in such a short period of time. Yeah, I'd say America is a great role model for the world.

Sources include nationmaster, and inventors

Pessamistic Democrats...

Why is it that Kerry voters were so pessamistic about our nation. They cant say it is because of Bush, because the media and entertainment industries are dominated by the left. The government barely made any progress during bush's first presidential stay because of the philobustering that went on. Tell me, why were Kerry supporters so pessamistic about our nation? They were even pessamistic when Kerry was ahead in the polls. For all you democrats out there, is this the general idea and thought of your party? The poll number's show it. So what is it? I believe that no matter who is in the whitehouse our country will progress. WE are the greatest nation in the world. And it seems to me that the republican party has been consistantly more optimistic about our country then the democratic. I mean think of the issues; War in Iraq, Conservatives are optomistic, most democratic leaders want to pull out now. Social security, with fixing social security can change into a great thing. Democrats dont want to touch it. I will not go as far to say that the left side of the isle is less patriotic, because patriotism is a very personal matter. but to say they are pessamistic is only looking at the numbers and the words that leave there leaders mouths.

More/Bigger does not equal be

More/Bigger does not equal better. Quality equals better.

Thanks ProvoJoe

More/Bigger does not equal better. Quality equals better.

I'm glad you said that before I had to.

The U.S. is a great country. Our country is great because of its commitment to personal liberty, due process under the law, freedom of opportunity, respect for the rule of law, our insistence on separation of church and state, our commitment to religious freedom and the freedom of the press, etc. The reason we are great is not because we have the biggest military or the best economy or the greatest sports figures.

I would disagree with the many Kerry voters who believe the world would not do well to emulate the U.S. - despite our foreign policy mistakes of late.

Provojoe, you're right. More

Provojoe, you're right. More/bigger doesn't necessarily equal better, but it can. All those statistics are to provide a quantitative argument. More/bigger is factual, whereas 'better/best' is subjective - someone's opinion. I was using those ideas to base my opinion off of, that America is a great role model overall, because it is a great role model in so many different fields.