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Thurl Bailey as Goliath

There is a movie that supposedly came out on March 15 called "One Smooth Stone" starring Thurl Bailey as Goliath. I guess it's Episode 3 in the "Liken the Scriptures" series. I just saw a commercial for it on the Game Show Network, and I thought that was a pretty strange place for it to be advertised.

Have any of you heard about this movie? Is it the type of movie used in seminary, or is this a movie that would normally be advertised on t.v.? I'm wondering if it was only advertised on t.v. because Bailey is in it. Who knows, maybe it will attract Thurl Bailey fans who aren't LDS.

And it isn't only a story about David and Goliath:

"One Smooth Stone” is the fun and moving story of David & Goliath as seen through the eyes of a modern day Primary boy who has his own personal Goliath to face – a talk in Stake Conference.

Here's the movie's link.

Thurl Bailey?

Who is he?

Am I the only one who's never heard of the guy?

Does he have non-LDS fans?

I thought it was in questiona

I thought it was in questionable taste to have a black man play Goliath. I saw a billboard on I-15 at the point of the mountain.
If so many Utahn weren't provincial and suspicious of anything different from them, it wouldn't matter, but as it is having a
black man play an obvious villian who is offed at the climax of the story seems like a rather big step backwards. It makes me
wonder what people were thinking out here. I believe it's the latest "Liken the Scriptures" episode.

Hey Mason

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Thurl Bailey.

I found this long after the fact, and I was there, working with the camera crews as their utility man, when they shot all the Thurl Bailey as Goliath segments.

They cast him because of his height. He also made a good Goliath because of his voice as well. Also, he told Carol Mikita, who came to the set to do an interview for KSL-TV that he had always wanted to play Goliath at some point in his acting career, he's done some other acting since.

To make him look taller, they cast the phillistine soldiers with him to be under 5'10" That way he'd look even taller than the 6'11" he is. For David to look smaller, they cast the Israelite soldiers to be over 6'1" I believe.

Also, singer Alex Boye, also black, played one of David's brothers elsewhere in the film and also sings on a couple of the numbers as well.

Thurl Bailey


hey, that's an interesting thought. I hadn't thought of that. Probably not a good mix with our previous priesthood situation with black men.

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Provojoe, what's going on with the format of your comments? I notice them doing this quite a bit ... where they wrap at odd places. Do you write them in a different text editor and then cut & past, preserving line breaks?

About your comment, I can see how it could be a negative to have a black man play Goliath in a Mormon-produced film, but I doubt they chose him based on the fact that he was black. More than likely it had to do with him being 6'11" and already involved in show-business.


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For now here's that link (i believe this is the one.)

I'll see what I can do about making things easier to use / more clear as far as text formatting goes.

I suppose I should have known

I suppose I should have known that ... how embarrassing.

Hey Mason...

I can't believe you didn't know that! Even I knew that! haha...just kidding (only saying that because you made the comment once that I know more about sports than you do!) :)

yeah, well, i'd say you proba

yeah, well, i'd say you probably know more than most guys. =)