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Accident leads to freshman's death

The Daily Universe

A freshman student died Monday night from complications after an injury he received while playing football Saturday morning.

Steven Lynes, 19, from Glenwood, Iowa, received damage to his brain after he was tackled playing football with friends on the Deseret Towers field.

What a tragedy.

Did any of you guys know Steven?

The Lord's Hand

Although I am not so sure that I would be so innocent about my opinion if I had been personally involved in this situation, I believe that these are the times when you can really see the Lord's hand in calling his servants home.

My cousin died jumping off of a bridge at 19 years old, mere months before he was supposed to serve his mission. Amazing guy who couldn't have been any better. The only way that my family could cope was to accept that idea that he had other, more important work to be doing.

My prayers go out to his family.

Strong Family

Steve lived on my floor in Q Hall. I have to tell you, he was one of the coolest kids. Spending these last couple days at the hospital, I was amazed by the strength of his family. His dad's remarks to all of us there was that they would be donating Steve's organs so that his death could save others and that the Lord had given him a mission call of a different sort. Truly amazing people.

What a tragedy indeed...

"Life is a waterfall
We're one in the river and one again after the fall
Swimming through the void we hear the word
We lose ourselves but we find it all"

The guy who tackled him was t

The guy who tackled him was the brother of a friend of mine. They play tackle football almost every Saturday. This was obviously just a terrible accident. The guy who actually tackled him is totally shaken up, and can barely talk about it. BYU is offering counseling, though, for anyone that was there, whether or not they're a BYU student.

Steven Lynes

I am a cousin of Steven's father Mike. Mike is also the best friend I will ever have. I spoke with him a couple of days ago, but being in South Carolina I didn't have the money to get to Iowa for the funeral, which was today. I can tell you that as a member of the extended family, we appreciate the thoughts and prayers of everyone. As for the young man who tackled him, I know Mike wanted to speak to him before he left Prove to let him know that the family certainly didn't hold anything but love for him, and wanted to tell him to not feel like he caused Steven's death. Steven loved playing football, and he wouldn't have thought twice about playing. Accidents do happen, and only our Heavenly Father has the answers when things like this occur. I know that Mike and his family are suffering, but thank goodness we have the gospel to give us the glimpse of eternity to help us to understand and cope with these things. Again, on behalf of Steven's extended family our thanks and love go out to all who prayed and fasted for Steven and his family.

I went to high school with St

I went to high school with Steve. I wasn't really good friends with him but I knew him and I know he was a really great guy. He will be missed...

great guy

i knew steve. he was in my stake. he was a all around great guy and he will truly be missed. he was always strong in what he believed and i always had a great time hanging out with him after stake activites. it hit me hard when i found out. i went to the hospital sunday afternoon and his parents were comforting all of us. at the viweing in iowa his mom told me i was going to blow away and to eat a cheese burger. she is such a great woman and i dont know that i could be as calm as she is. my dad told me something that helped me alot through all of this. he said steve is probably up in heaven laughing at us because we are still down here in this horrible place. that really helped me. thats sounds just like steve. he always has a smile on his face. i love and miss you more than words can say. i'll see you soon bud

Thank You

Mike Lynes, Steve's father, here. I wanted to thank everyone who made Steve's time at BYU some of the happiest days of his life. He loved being out there and having fun with all his friends. He loved life and he loved football. We will miss him terribly as will many of you. Thank you for your love and support through this most awful of times. I now know how many of the pioneers felt having to bury a loved one, hitch up their wagon, and continue down the trail to Zion. Now, I must do the same and somehow find the strength to carry on with life when I sometimes would rather step in front of a bus. Steve meant the world to me and was my first born and while the gospel does give me peace and the assurance that I will see him again, it does not make me miss him any less. I know many of you feel the same and I am thankful that Steve chose such good friends. As for the young man who tackled Steve, we met with him and his family the night before we left to come home and poured out our hearts to him the love that we have for him and we told him that we do not blame him for what happened so he should not blame himself. We forgave him and hugged him and his family close as we told them how glad we were that we were able to see them and let them know that it's all ok and that Steve simply got his mission call. The young man seemed to be taking it all very hard and so we just did all we could to help him understand that we were concerned about him and wanted him to know we love him and don't blame him for the accident. It was just that - an accident, but one the Lord was in charge of and the tool He used to bring Steve home to Him. Steve's first missionary assignment was to get his entire hometown together into a gymnasium to listen to his Stake President give a talk about the atonement and resurrection. Many hearts were touched and you could empty the entire MTC into our little town and not have one tenth the impact Steve has had. Many of his friends now want to hear the gospel and understand what made Steve so strong and immoveable in his convictions. Steve does not want us to be sad or let his death immobilize us with grief - he is HOME and is happier than ever so we should be happy for him and live our lives like he did. Live every day as though it could be your last, treat everyone with respect and kindness, and remember Jesus Christ in all you do. Thanks again for being so wonderful to Steve and to our whole family. We will never forget...

That's terrible, Jen.

That's terrible, Jen. How exactly did he get injured? Was he just jumping from too high?


He was jumping from a local bridge that kids had been jumping off of for years. His friend suggested that they dive off at the same time (synchronized swan dives if I remember correctly) and so my cousin took one step over from where everyone jumps normally. He dove in (literally) and hit his head on a rock and broke his neck.

Someone took a picture of the whole thing, and it was a beautiful dive. He was an amazing guy with so much going for him, the only reasonable explanation would be that he had other things to tend to.

I am sure the boy who tackled him is having a tough time coping with what happened, just as my cousins friend had a difficult time accepting that he was the one who asked him to take that one step over.

My best friend came upon an accident this summer where a man had been walking to work and someone on the other side of the road slowed down to wave him over. The man refused the first offer for a ride, but decided to ride with him after the second. He stepped out into the road and was hit by a truck coming the other way, this man was known for walking with his head down and not paying attention, and the truck didnt even have a chance to brake. The man who offered the ride was so shook up that he quit his job and moved his family across the country, he just couldnt cope with what had happened (which would be a pretty vicious way to see someone go)

When somone dies we always think of the family and close relatives, but there are often situations such as these when another person could be blaming themselves, which can have terrible results. I also include the boy who tackled Stephen in my prayers, may he accept the Lord's will in this situation as well.