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Dear Mason,

from the return-of-the-knuckle-dragging-subhumaniod-lifeforms dept.
Seeing as how the booters have been put in their place by the Provo City council, I'm ready to shift the title of knuckle dragging subhumaniod lifeforms from the booters who plague our parking lots to a new scourge. And to do this I need your assistance, mainly because you have to administrative passwords and I don't. The anonymous cowards who routinely post here on ProvoPulse worthy of the title they so richly deserve: knuckle dragging subhumaniod lifeforms. They are like unto the people who do hit and runs with their car. They are afraid of the result so they run away.

The fact that there are anonymous cowards who post good material shouldn't be overlooked, but we don't know who's the pyrite and who's the real gold. I doubt that a title shift would convince anybody who insists on posting anonymously that they should register, but at least it would show everybody who reads here regularly who is willing to take a stand for their positions (ie Tyler, LaurenceB, Brad, you, etc. etc.) and those who are so spineless in their convictions that they don't dare show who they are.

With much love,

So, what do you guys think?

So, what do you guys think?


Yeah, I've been for this for quite some time. Requiring logins gives you the advantage of banning abusers (temporarily or permanently) and gives us the advantage of getting a "feel" for the type of person the poster is.

Along with that, you ought to give some of the more trusted users moderator privileges, that allow them to delete posts and/or greenlight submissions. It takes time off your hands and allows a fairly more fluid feel to the site.

My $.02.

Wait- this if for the anonymous posting concept, not the name change. I think most people are either already insulted enough or just don't care about the "anonymous" title they are given.

I think it's a mouthfull. Do

I think it's a mouthfull. Doubt it will make any difference.

If the intent is to keep them from posting, just turn off anonymous posting, and only let members go at it.

If the intent is to insult them a little more, I don't see why not change the ID to "return-of-the-knuckle-dragging-subhumaniod-lifeforms" as dJake suggests.

i'm an anonymous coward. I ma

i'm an anonymous coward. I may register in the future. My two cents is that it won't make any difference if you change the anonymous title to something a little more insulting. I agree with Farker:
"I think most people are either already insulted enough or just don't care about the "anonymous" title they are given."

p.s. how do you properly quote someone else so you can tell it's a quote?

What it is all about

I doubt it would keep anybody from posting, might encourage one or two of the regular posters to give themselves a legitimate name so that way they don't have to see "Submitted by some knuckle dragging subhumaniod lifeform on Blah blah blah blah"

Anonymous cowards like to post their hit and run insults, so lets just give them the instant stigma of being the lesser breed of posters because they are too lazy or too scared to give themselves a name.

"knuckle dragging subhumaniod

"knuckle dragging subhumaniod lifeforms"

You once called me this. It made me feel special. I thought it was a nick-name just for me. But now you are using it on others. I feel betrayed. I am hurt. How will I ever love again?

I object.

Brothers and Sisters,

This has really gone too far. Mason, I am going to have to send you to the honor code office. Please, shut the website down now.

Your President,

BTW, has anyone seen Godot?

Where's Brad when you need him

Quick Brad, make a comment. I'm wanting some AC opinions on this thread ...

Anything will do ... =)

I dunno man

I guess we're just gonna have to work through these feelings so that you come out of this on the other side an amazing person.

chat room

Hey mason, can't you get a chat room going for when a bunch of members are on at the same time? that would be nice.

Great discussion.

Let's get real. Everyone hates being called names, hates cowards that use hit and run tactics, and can't stand trying to follow the trail of coward's comments.

Yet, before you go and change everything forever, you might be missing out on something that you will never be able to get back: the truth.

The fact of the matter is, people comment differently when they have to log in. Yes, they are more accountable, but I think at the same time, they will also be less inclined to say what they really think.

Don't get me wrong, it is obvious cowards have abused the system. Yet, it is easy to see that every time Tyler, Brad, or whoever says something without wanting to be we are automatically biased one way or another towards their comments. Do you know what I am saying?

Anonymity gives people the opportunity to say what they really feel. It gives them a chance to focus on the content, not on the person that is stating it.

I appreciate this site, because I have been able to put my real opinion out there and really learn from other people. Obviously, some things have to change; yet, I hope for truth's sake, anonymity doesn't have to be one of them.

I'm a BYU student. I think t

I'm a BYU student. I think the honor code is retarded in some ways. But it's something I agreed to, so I will obey it. I'm not concerned about the honor code police. Expressing an opinion is not against the honor code.

I don't have to be anonymous in what I say; I'm already half anonymous. Readers of this site only know me as Farker, and guess what, that isn't my real name.


I offer my apologies... apparently I'm too smart for my own good. It is kind of amusing to see my work plagerized all over the place now. I swear I'll never share my knowledge of networking and tracking with anybody ever again. Never ever. I you wish to beat me into oblivion, give me a call, and I'll go a submit to what ever punishment you seem fit to exact.

In happier news, my DVD just popped out of the burner... I finally get to go home for the night.

Oh no

not the honor code office... they are gonna make us all move to *gulp* OREM!!!!!!!


You have to use the "blockquote" tag. See this page for more info.

yes ... this is the direction

yes ... this is the direction I'm thinking of taking things.

I obviously agree with the idea.

I obviously agree with the idea. I have been the target of several of these hit-and-run anonymous cowards. I think the current system rewards those that remain anonymous, because they can say whatever they want without having to take responsibility for it, and hurts those that have registered, because they have a reputation to uphold.

I don't know if just requiring people to register will totally alleviate the problem, because anyone can sign up with whatever email they'd like and have whatever name they choose be their login. They can have multiple logins if they want to have multiple stands on issues - or have one login to say their ridiculous things with, and another to make their legimate comments with. Ideally it would be nice if everyone could own up to everything they say with their full name and address, but I myself wouldn't even be comfortable doing that - not because I don't want to own up to what I say, but because of the death threats I would get for the things I say!

I think a moderator system makes more sense, where thoughtful, relevant arguments are ranked higher, and meaningless hit-and-run nonsense is discarded.
It depends on what you'd like to do with this site - is it just a forum to flaunt our 'Freedom of Speech' - where anyone can say whatever they want whenever or however they want it - or is it meant to be a forum where legimate discussion takes place. If that is the case, there have to be some ground rules.

I personally post things to this site, not just to speak my opinion, but to find out more information about these topics - to get educated (that's why alot of my post ask questions of other people, or leave things open-ended). I think civil discussion, even by people with differing opinions, is educational and healthy, and I like to participate. When it turns into immature name-calling, it defeats the purpose, and eliminates any credibility this site might have. I love the idea of this site. I hope we can work this out somehow.

You are missing the point

I have respect for tyler because he's willing to throw out what ever it is that is on his mind. I'm willing to bet that less that 10% of the readers here agree with him on anything. But the fact of the matter is, no matter what stuff tyler puts out, I respect what he says because of that... He doesn't give a damn about what people think because he's pretty sure of himself. (That he's wrong 95% of the time could be another fun discussion, but not for these purposes.)

I say what I really feel. I don't care what the consequences are. If somebody writes me off as a crackpot because of what I say, fine, their loss. I don't care because this is a form of discussion and I like to know how people think and feel about stuff. If the knuckle dragging subhumaniod lifeforms (you included) want to live in anonymity, be my guest.

The fact of the matter is that you are a coward. I don't know what your fear is derived from, but you are running scared. I don't know how it is for everybody else, but when I see a comment from knuckle dragging subhumanoid lifeform I tend to ignore it, because stupid little freshmen who like to say stupid things that are pointless, baseless, or just plain wrong. If you are afraid to stand up for you convictions then your opinon is just as strong as your spineless hit and run nature. Your real opinion is just as good whether you are a spineless coward or willing to step up to the plate to lay claim to it. The weight your opinon carries is only determined by the strength you are willing to put behind it.


That's a relief. For a while I just thought you had weird parents. ;)

Don't worry about it.

Don't worry about it. I cleaned it up.

Absolutely, Mason.

Mason, these low-life ACs need to learn a lesson. In fact, I would also prefer if I could moderate Tyler and Djake myself. Is that alright?

To DJake.

I agree, Tyler puts out whatever he feels, that is great. But it is also true that because of his former comments, people already have a preconception of what he will say in the future. Do you disagree with this?

Anonymity gives content its truest form; comments without any preconceived judgments. Where am I wrong?


The weight your opinon carries is only determined by the strength you are willing to put behind it.

I think you have some great points, dJake; however, I think your circumstances are particular to you. You don't have to worry about an honor code, you can speak whatever you wish about supposed policies without any detrimental consequences to your education or career. I do.

Hear me out for a second: what if you have an opinion that runs contrary to the honor code office? Well for you, it does not matter one bit. But, for other byu students, if they think contrary to the status quo, they risk their education. Take the byu dance lyrics debate. Some students had already written Pres. Samuleson to tell them how horrible that dance and that dj were. Why would they stop there? Why not tell on those byu students who support such dances in the first place? I wouldn't put it past them, so I'm not willing to risk my education because someone gets their panties tied up in a knot.

You might think it's not that big a deal, but you have not walked in my shoes. I have had to deal with such people, and as long as I can post anonymously, then I can say what I think without fear of the honor code police.

How come...

(A) I need to be moderated
(B) Nobody can get my name right... dJake

Where you are wrong

I still read tyler's comments. I still find out what he has to say. Tyler has even said some stuff that has made me think and challenged my standing on certain issues. Do I think he's way out there on the left side of the stage? Of course I do. LaurenceB is another example. From what I gather from his postings I don't agree with most of what he says, but I still read what he has to say, and I respect his opinion for two reasons: (A) He is willing to stand up for his convictions and (B) I can see the development of his line of thinking and it makes sense to me.

You however have no convictions. How do I know this? Because for all I know you are somebody totally new to the discussion. Why should I respect your opinion. You can't even make up a fake name with a fake email address to create a character that we can attribute your thoughts to. As to your preconceived notion theory? Before I've even read your comment I'm already thinking you are a spineless coward.

The BYU Honor Code

I've got a thought for you. Go create a hotmail account. Make your email address "" and then create an account here on ProvoPulse. Once again, call it whatever you want, make it something pointless, like "JollyGreenGiant" or something fun like that. If you never put your real name in here, if you never put any links to anything you are affiliated with, if you don't give obvious clues to who you are, the punks in the Honor Office will be able to do jack squat to you.

I can see you plight, but the fact of the matter is, if you were to post that the BYU Honor Code is worse than sleeping in a pile of excrement the Honor Code office would have one helluva time trying to figure out who you were. First they'd have to figure out what your email address is, and if I can remember correctly, Mason has this thing setup so that your email address isn't public. Secondly, they'd have to compell Mason to turn over the information about who you are, which as we have already discussed is totally bogus information. Assuming they strong armed Mason into giving up the info (Mase, please tell me that this isn't possible) then they'd have to get your info from Hotmail. Once again, you would have been smart and put totally bogus information in the registration process and then they'd be at a dead end. Guess what. You would still be totally anonymous.

Having just reread that entire paragraph I find it highly unlikely that anybody would be willing to put in the time and the effort to gather that kind of info, just to know that you had made an infringement on the honor code. See BYUPoser... I created him in less than 5 minutes. It's not that hard.

(Mason, if you want to delete that user, I won't ever be using it or anything so feel free to make him disappear.)


1. You still haven't answered my first question.

"But it is also true that because of his former comments, people already have a preconception of what he will say in the future. Do you disagree with this?"

2. You just proved my point. Because of labels, people judge comments before they read it.

"Before I've even read your comment I'm already thinking you are a spineless coward."

The anonymous coward should be changed to just, "anonymous."


Yeah, it seems incredibly easy...when your education isn't on the line.

That is a lot of "ifs," if it is your butt.

Answer to your question

I don't disagree with this. But what does preconception have to do with being able to present a rational thought? Nothing at all. While I may have a preconception in my mind of what I might find in a comment of tyler's, it doesn't mean I immediately discount what he is going to say.

The anonymous postings used to be just that, "anonymous." Now I'm sure you weren't a member of the group of people who came onto ProvoPulse and did hit and run commenting, but the fact of the matter was, there was a hail storm of junk, garbage comments that were posted into the discussions being held and nobody would ever lay claim to them. So Mason, in a decision I applauded by the way, changed the name from "anonymous" to "an anonymous coward" because that's they way they are viewed.

My proposal is to change the name to "a knuckle dragging subhumaniod lifeform" (a name I once referred to booters and even tyler as) because that's what people like you are. Guess what, live in anonmity all you like. But unless you are willing to back up what you say by giving yourself a name, you will be a faceless coward in the crowd, a person who is so weak in their convictions that they don't dare stand behind what they said. Or more appropriately, a knuckle dragging subhumaniod lifeform.

Continue your knuckle dragging subhumaniod lifeform postings. Before I ever read your comments I'll be thinking what a spineless coward. Maybe you'll say something that impresses me, and maybe I'll even acknowledge your existence from time to time, but the fact of the matter is, no matter how right you are you will be a person without conviction, a spinless coward, or... wait for it........ a knuckle dragging subhumanoid lifeform.

Mason, how quickly can we make this change happen. I just get giddy thinking of how it will be to read post after post of knuckle dragging subhumanoid lifeform material.

Let me put it to you this way

You aren't REALLY anonymous. Want to know how easily I could back track your comments that you thought were "anonymously" posted?

  1. I get a copy of ProvoPulse's server logs. Mason has no earthly reason to give them to me, but because I said please he does.
  2. I do a reverse DNS search to find out what ISP is hosting your internet connection. For the sake of the discussion, we'll say you are using a T1 line that is running into your apartment complex.
  3. Because your apartment complex is BYU approved, I tell them that unless they tell me who was using the IP address that posted the comment on 3/22 that they will lose their BYU approval. So they don't lose the millions in guaranteed revenue by losing their housing approval, they give up your name in a heartbeat.
  4. I go back to the Honor Code office, pull up your student records and place you on whatever kind of hold it is that they place violators of the BYU Honor Code. Your educational career is over with.

You think you are really posting anonymously, think again. If I really had a stick up my a** and I was working in the Honor Office, I could make every BYU student who has ever posted an anonymous comment about how they made out with a girl in their apartment at 12:02 in the early AM very unhappy. We aren't talking about getting disqualified from elections here, we're talking full on expulsion here. And you thought you were posting anonymously.

You wanna be a spineless coward. A dealer of excrement that you can't back up. So be it.