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New Decaf flick

Kenny McNett gave me a heads up about a new video from Decaf Comedy Jam.

It's called "The Love Board". Take a look. (It takes awhile to download though.)

And in case you didn't know, Spencer King--a Provo Pulse regular--is part of this group as well.

Kind of off the topic..

but still in the vein of local comedy. Has anyway had the chance to check out that Fat Dumb & Happy's place in Orem? What's the verdict?

that film was...

Thanks for the vine Mason.

Check out Office Cop. It's my personal favorite.

As for Fat Dumb and Happy's; They have advertised that they employ comics from out of town and won't settle for "local yokels" but they have a local guy headlining there, like, every other week. I've performed with the guy who's headlining there this week. He's a local guy. He is pretty funny, but I've never seen him do more that a half hour show. Most headliners do an hour at least. No offense to him, but it's not worth the 8 or 10 bucks you have to pay to see him.

If you want real comedy that isn't local you have to go to Wiseguys Comedy Club in West Valley City. I perform there on the weekends now. (hence the bias)