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Just what we all needed

I will never understand why an article like this needed to run in the newspaper:

The Daily Universe

Ballet flats -- With or without the standard bow, these practical shoes can be dressed up or down with their cool prints and embellishments, such as bamboo and raffia weaving. For dressing up, try a satin shoe with beaded accents. And for denim fans, a floral or polka dot pattern can add needed flair to an otherwise boring outfit.

Kitten heels -- This Jackie O. style offers ladies an extra inch of height without the pain of stilettos. A leather or tweed pump can add serious style to a plain pencil skirt. For the more adventurous co-ed, a crocodile or snake print slingback can bring put some bite into your outfit. And if you’re really on the wild side, try metallics.

Flat sandals -- Even with bright colors and edgy shapes, don’t be afraid to wear this hot weather essential. Go goddess with metallic straps, gold braiding or studded leather. For feminine flair, Chinese slippers use lace and beaded accents to dress up any outfit. Super comfy sandals offer are the solution for days that begin at the beach and end with a fancy dinner.

I am glad I could get such stellar fashion advice from the University's newspaper. How did I ever live without articles like this one? Don't waste your time writing articles about national and world events, more fashion wisdom please!


I noticed the same article, and I couldn't figure it out either. Maybe they just want to fill up space? Weird article.


Do they really think that the readers are that dumb not to know this stuff already??


I saw the article and I too thought it was humorous. I think they must have needed to fill up space, or there is someone on the staff that never had anything published before because fashion was all that they were capable of writing and the editor decided to give them a break. Who knows? It is pretty laughable yet sad.