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Booterwatch on KUTV channel 2 news

The KUTV (channel 2) news story on Booterwatch will probably air tonight at 10 o'clock. Be sure to watch.

(Now, these things don't always air when expected, so keep your fingers crossed.)

KUTV story

I thought it was a pretty good report. What did you guys think?

I just wish they would have made the name "Booterwatch" a little more prominent. I don't think people will know how to find it ...

What Will All of This Accomplish?

I happen to be a roommate of a booter, (I didn't know this before I moved in okay?) and he is telling me that his parking enforcement company has been having several meetings as a result of the recent stir in community over parking enforcement. His bosses told him the private apartment complexes are going to switch to towing if the booting thing gets shut down.
Apparently, years and years ago, towing used to be the preferred method of choice to enforce parking, but students complained enough that the two parties settled on booting (whether or not that is true I can't verify, but that is what the parking companies are leading everyone to believe). Booting is much more time friendly than towing to the students, not to mention the extreme cost to paying a towing fee compared to towing.
There is no way that the apartments are going to switch over to parking tickets either. They don't penalize the offender enough to detour them from parking illegally. There is no practical way to enforce it (i.e. actually collecting the fine).
I personally am no fan of booting, but I don't see a better alternative out there. If we want our own parking spaces where we live, there has to be a way to enforce parking rules. And besides, if you aren't parking illegally, what's the problem anyway?

I agree

I seems like all of these "booter haters" are actually going to make the situation worse for everyone else. You make a great point. I too am no fan of booters but this sight claims to want to make changes and prevent people from getting an illegal boot but I think that what your roomate booter buddy says will happen. People complain that they get a boot but atleast there car is still there and it doesnt cost 110.00 to get it back, right? I hear people complain that "it is dangerous to wait outside for the booter to arrive" when they need to realize that it is really a better situation than being towed. Anyways, All I would like to say is that you complainers are taking this booter thing in the wrong direction.

A Not-So-Simple Proposition

The biggest problem with the booting controversy seems to come from the booter's messed up incentives. The booters make money for each boot placed. As far as I know, they work on commission. Commission does funny things to people; pest control sales is a good example. You can make a load of money selling pest control, but you might be giving up some of your integrity in the process. Why is this? Because the incentive is to sell as much pest control as physically possible, not to serve the community and provide people with only the services they need. I've never been booted, nor have I investigated booter's pay structures, but I have yet to see why the booters have any incentive besides placing the maximum number of boots.

If we want to change the booter's incentives, maybe we should start with their pay structure. I propose doing away with the commission system altogether. Towing companies don't trawl parking lots looking for violators; they respond to requests. Why should booters be any different? Booting companies should make contracts with lot owners to boot at the owner's requests. The owners can have employees check their lots at designated times and call in the booters if necessary.

The current system is flawed because the incentives are in the wrong place. Instead of passing ordinances to raise fines for improper booting, let's make "predatory booting" illegal and make booting companies act more like towing companies. This way, complex owners--who set the rules for their lots and understand them--will be responsible for their own lots, and booters will no longer be the enemy.


Apparently, booters can do no wrong. If they just happen to not notice your parking permit and boot your car, they still charge you and tell you can "appeal" it. (This has happened to me before) Now, i've never appealed a boot before, and probably have had every right to. How many people here have actually appealed a boot? Has it worked?
I think if the booter is in the wrong, then they should be obligated to take the boot off free of charge. I think the appeal system is quite flawed. I agree with kungfu in his ideas for reforming the boot system.

maybe so

Well maybe towing isn't a better alternative. But the law was revised so that booters couldn't abuse their power. It didn't take away their authority to boot, nor did it force them into any position where they will feel obligated to. From what I read, this site was for people who have been illegitimately booted. The law change protects them by imposing a $500 fine on the parking enforcement company if they boot cars illegally.

But towing wouldn't be such a bad thing. It would definitely make students think twice about where they park and probably cut down parking problems to begin with.

The loser here (in terms of, financial loss), are the booting companies, because let's face it, placing a boot is easy money, whether or not it was justifiably placed.

I personally have never been booted. But just last month my roommate was. This is hardly "second hand" because it was my car and I've been to the lot. It was in a lot enforced by UPE, but at the back of the parking lot are a series of signs that permit UTA patrons to park there under certain conditions. They couldn't stay more than 24 hours, they couldn't litter, the car couldn't be leaking oil, and other similar rules. He took my car in at 6AM to go to work in Salt Lake. When he got home a little before midnight, he was booted. So he calls UPE and the guy tells him that he's supposed to have some special sticker or something like that, even though the "conditions" sign said nothing of the sort.

This is the kind of abuse that happens when booters have no way of being penalized for placing boots that shouldn't be placed. And hopefully, this is the kind of situation that will be prevented with the new laws.

Away with boots!

Living at the Riviera I can say that parking is NOT very abundant. That's why I am certainly not against parking enforcement. I am however VERY against booting. Really, what is parking enforcement for? It's for keeping the stalls open for people who are supposed to be parking at that lot. Booting, although cheaper than towing, defeats the purpose of parking enforcement. Some tow company thought of how they could make it look like they were taking care of the problem by leaving the vehicle there. Ridiculous! So although I'd hate the hassel and price of having my car towed (in contrast to booting) it really is the better option for TRUE PARKING ENFORCEMENT.

I have a friend that is a boo

I have a friend that is a booter and he said that he is not worried about the fine imposed. Take a better look at the new ordinance and you will see that there is a lot more than that. The city amended things that almost prevents booters from even booting so that is why they are all going to resort to straight towing instead. For example: it has been amended that the managers name (of the enforced parking lot) and tel. # be printed on the warning paper. What mananger will want there name on that paper for all that get a boot? The manager will just want towing instead to avoid it all together. That to me is has nothing to do with booters placing an illegal boot.

Ah, capitalism. It works bec

Ah, capitalism. It works because instead of helping us overcome our evil nature, it embraces it.

Oh, crap, I think I'm a socialist!

news flash dude

that's exactly what has already happened. The whole 500 dollar fine thing? That's when you would go for that.

I've been thinking about this for awhile and I think that for the most part it will probably help the situation. Booters will still boot. They'll just be more careful and 100 percent positive that they are doing it legally.

here here

That's the most logical argument against booting I have seen posted on this site

You're not comparing Apples to Apples here...

I see how you can see that some business are commission driven but placing Pest Control companies in that classification really isn't fair. At least no all of them. I understand that there are shady companies out there but the laws are there to protect you as the customer and they don't allow for Pest Control companies to go out and sell something that isn't needed. I would be careful of the companies you are using if you find that is the case.