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Join us for WalkAmerica 2007! Walk to save babies!

Are you a Family Team? Most Family Teams are organized by families and friends who've been touched by the March of Dimes mission in a very personal way. They or someone they know has experienced premature birth, birth defects or infant mortality.

Many other Family Teams are made up of families who have healthy babies and walk to celebrate their children. Either way, all Family Teams are very special volunteers.

Become a Family Team. Sign up at WalkAmerica

Or get your company involved as a Corporate Team. Your employees will gain the satisfaction of knowing they're raising money to help babies get a healthy start in life. Participating in WalkAmerica builds morale by demonstrating your company's concern for health issues that affect employees and their children while connecting your company with the March of Dimes, one of the most respected brands in the nonprofit sector.

Become a Corporate Team. Sign up at WalkAmerica

We know that together, we will reach the day we dream of - when every baby is born healthy. Please join us for WalkAmerica 2007 - the walk that saves babies.

Premature birth is the #1 cause of newborn death. It has reached epidemic proportions in the U.S., endangering the lives of more than half a million babies. And it's growing at an alarming rate. That's why we need you to participate in WalkAmerica.

Walk for a special child in your life – a healthy baby a premature baby or a sick one. Walk for all babies.

The money you raise goes directly to research to find the causes of premature birth and how it can be prevented, to support families whose babies must spend time in neonatal intensive care units and to provide women with the latest information on having a healthy pregnancy.

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