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Your booting stories

We're going to start collecting booting stories again, but this time let's be more organized about it.

You can post them below. Try to stay short and to the point, and don't bother posting if you were in blatant violation of the parking rules and the booting ordinance worked as designed, because the goal here is to collect a good group of stories that illustrate the problems with the ordinance. Also, please refrain from using vulgar language in your post.

For each story include the following:

1. Your name
2. Your age
3. Where you go to school (if applicable)
4. Where you were booted
5. When you were booted (Date and Time)
6. Why your felt your boot was unfair (and any other important details)
7. An email address that you can be reached at (this adds extra credence to your story)

(NOTE: Our original collection of booting stories isn't currently online, but hopefully they'll be reposted soon. Also, Booterwatch was on hiatus during the last month, but in the meantime we were discussing the booting issue here.)

DISCLAIMER: These stories are the property of their authors. Provo Pulse L.L.C. is not responsible for their content and makes no claims as to their validity. If you believe something posted in this forum to be illegal, send your complaint to with your name and contact information and the situation will be rectified by deleting and / or censoring the offending material.

Because Enough IS Enough!!!

1. Dan Grossen
2. Age:23
3. School: BYU
4. Where: Riviera
5. When: Easter Sunday @ 11:35
6. Why: I was coming back from home after a nice family easter dinner, so I had loads of stuff to unload from my car. Well there were no available spots at the Riviera so I parked to the side to run inside and drop my stuff off and then park in overflow. Well after my first trip inside I came back out literally 45 seconds later and my car was booted! It happened that fast! Even before curfew! My car was not even parked there for longer than 2 minutes! Note: I told him to take the boot off and he said, quote: I can't the company sees that as theft on my part. I said, theft! %&@! $#@# You stole my property first before I could even plea my case! MASON I NEED YOUR HELP I WANT TO FIGHT BACK, TELL ME WHAT TO DO BECAUSE THIS HAS GONE WAY TOO FAR!
7: email:

Wow, this booting story was horrible!

I don't know about the rest of you but I was taught that it didn't matter how long I was in the wrong or how much of what I was doing was wrong it was still WRONG!

I'm surprised that you and other people in your same situation even try to complain about being booted. If I'm going 2mph over the speed limit, and I get pulled over for it I can complain till I'm blue in the face and you know what? I was still speeding!

I suggest that only valid booting stories get posted, otherwise all you'll get is people complaining about how they were caught doing something wrong for "45 seconds". Hey, how about trying to take responsibility for your own actions. This forum is for the people who actually have a legitimate reason to complain not for the people who think that they should've been the exception to the rule that one time. If these types of stories are allowed you should change this forum from Booterwatch to Booberwatch.

You stated that you couldn't find a parking spot at the Riv right? So why are you complaining about the booters? Good heck! If I was paying rent at an apartment complex that didn't have a parking spot open for me to park in I wouldn't gripe about being booted I would go get some of the money I pay for rent back!

THIS BOOTING STORY IS RATED A "1" OUT OF 10. For the following reasons:

1: You are complaining about the wrong people.
2: You admit in your story that you parked where you shouldn't have.
3: You actually think you have a valid reason to be angry.
4: You were dumb enough to get caught.

My bad...But...

That was pretty mean of me to say what I said. My apologies, I bet you are a really smart kid but you were just caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. My sincere apologies once again.

I do believe though that your anger toward the booter is still misguided. The Riviera has hired them to boot you if you are not following the parking rules, the Riviera is the one who created the rules, the Riviera is the one who tells you where, when and how you should park, and last but certainly not least the Riviera knows what the booting companies are doing! How in the world with all of these complaints and news coverage would a booting business still be alive if it weren't for 2 simple facts.

1.) There is a huge need for parking enforcement in Provo/Orem.
2.) The property owners know that they are the ones who make the rules and they are extremely happy with the fact that they don't have to take the heat for having their lot patrolled.

A great example of this would be this new city ordinance everyone is all freaked out about. Well if nobody noticed, all it took was the city council to give some of the heat on the booting companies back to the property owners by stipulating a clause that made the owner/agents phone number to be posted on every sign. What happens next? A petition from property owners saying they were never informed on the subject and how they don't approve of the ordinance at all! They (prop. owners) don't want to have to deal with Parking Enforcement, they don’t want the heat, but they know that with the POOR city planning and zoning they have to enforce their parking otherwise none of their tenants would have a place to park! Who wants to live in a place they can't park?! It's right in front of all of you, but you are either too lazy or blind to see it. Lazy in the fact that no one is willing to put blame on the big guy (prop. owners) because they know it's not something they (Prop. Owners) can change because the property has already been established. So who else is left for us to look to to make some changes? OUR CITY OFFICIALS WHO ZONED AND PLANNED OUR COMMUNITY SO POORLY! Now don't get me wrong, I don't think that booters/towers shouldn't be regulated, I do however think that they are the small fish in this pond. I also think that if the city ordinance is passed Provo students will rue the day, because you will no longer be booted you will be TOWED. But hey, if you like paying $110.00 instead of $50.00 and catching a ride to the local tow yard keep on with Cynthia Dayton and her band of misinformed to change the ordinance.

It's sad to know that we elected such poor representatives for our city, all you need to do is watch the city council meeting in which the new booting ordinance was passed to see how uninformed our city officials were. Our city attorney (Lindberg) and council member (Dayton) straight up lied! They vehemently denied that the BYU housing contract has a clause that BYU students are allowed mediation with any problem. All it takes is 5 minutes online at BYU.EDU's housing webpage to find that in order for a property to be BYU approved it MUST have a clause allowing the tenant mediation through BYU. But wait, there’s more! When Cynthia Dayton asked the council member in charge of doing the research to which the new ordinance was made with he didn't even know how many booting companies there were in Utah County! How in the heck can you make an ordinance that affects booting/towing companies without knowing how many actual companies there are?! Wow now that’s some grade "A" research done, I'm glad to know my tax dollars are being spent on such informed individuals.

I would love to hear from any of you denying any of this. I'm pretty sure it's all recorded, call the city council to see if you can get a copy. Don't be lazy and take the easy way out by blaming the booter, they are a problem that was created by a bigger problem.

In addition to your remarks:

In addition to your remarks:

It really isn't a simple thing, but you're right. The property owners are the main ones people should be going after. Parking enforcement is just the scum hired to do the dirty work. It takes a pretty selfish person to run a business that capitalizes on a problem they didn't create. After all, is it that unreasonable to ask for a parking spot when you're paying to live in the place? Anyhow, I think that towing replacing booting is a good thing, and here's why:
1. Booters don't make their easy money anymore. Towing takes effort. It requires filling out forms. It requires driving the tow truck over. It requires all the mechanical work of loading an unloading a car. Sure, they get twice as much for towing as they do for booting, but booting takes two minutes and towing takes considerably longer.
2. Towing actually enforces parking. Booting locks "violators" down (in parentheses because as most of you are aware, the booters have taken it upon themselves to lock down people who are not guilty of anything). It clears up a space and allows legitimate tenants a place to park.
3. It will be more effective. I, for one, would be much more reluctant to park somewhere I shouldn't if the chance of getting towed were higher than it actually has been in the past couple of years.

I had a roommate who was a booter. He acknowledged the wrong things that went on. He explained how the money is earned on commission, and the temptation to lock down someone who wouldn't know any better. Amazingly, his conscience caught up with him and he quit.

Finally, most of Provo apartments were built before there were as many cars as there are now. So apartment complexes simply aren't up to date. Law now requires new buildings to have enough parking spots for EVERY tenant, but that does little for the grandfather clause that allows the old places to run, and I'm pretty sure this is where the majority of the problem lies.

I'm glad you see it this way

I'm glad you see it this way as well Farker and Dan, I don't know anyone that's a booter/tower but I really do believe that they are the underdog in this. Your disdain for them is apparent but I think it is still misguided. You mention above that they are the scum hired to do the dirty work. Well, compare the booting business to Khuni's road kill removal company. About 5-8 years ago businesses in Provo's East Bay were complaining about the smell coming out of the Khuni's business area, they complained enough to make them stop collecting road kill. Next thing you know a month later there are dead animals all over I-15 and city streets, the city wasn't prepared for the decision that they made to shut down Khuni's and the city couldn't handle the disposal of all the road kill. It's true that booting companies are hired to do the dirty work, but if they don't do it what do you think will happen? If you think you have a hard time finding parking now, give it a month without enforcement and tell me what you think. Ask the tenants at Riverside Condo's how they feel now that they actually are able to park in some of their spots. True they’ll more than likely still be mad at how their parking is being enforced but that’s what happens when a condo is zoned to hold 4 people but the condo only has 2 parking spots! Whose fault is it that it's being enforced? Certainly not the booting company, sure the property owners built the condos but they probably wouldn't have if the zoning didn't allow for four people in each condo, it wouldn't be cost effective. The answers to all of these booting problems lies within our own city council, if they become more aware of problem areas for not only parking, but traffic congestion as well they should re-zone those areas. You can think whatever you like about the booting companies but don't think that they are the problem, the source of the problem, or the answer.

As far as booting VS. towing is concerned I agree that towing is also the best way to go. But do our comrades? I have no problem with booting or towing because I know I won't park illegally. Financial gain in any business is always going to be the number one priority (possible ethical problem we can discuss later), booters are hired to do their job and for doing their job they get paid. I hope you don't think towing companies aren't out there to make money and that they'll take it easy on you, because they won't. I was interested in buying a couple of tow trucks a year ago and did a lot of research on what it takes to do towing. Towing isn't hard at all, I've seen a lot of cars get towed in under 30 seconds if the driver knows what he is doing. Paperwork involved with towing is actually less than booting because the towing agency calls and reports the impound to the local police who keep the information on file as well. Did you guys know that it's $15.00 a day storage on top of the tow bill? You're right in saying the problem (if it was an actual violation) is being physically moved from the premises so somebody who is supposed to park actually gets to. However, you don't think that those that have been towed when it was actually their fault won't complain about being towed? Anyway, I think I’ve thrown out my point as best I could. I’m sorry if it seems a little rushed I’m pretty busy this week.

Please also realize that most of the time I use the word “you” I don’t mean anyone in particular I just mean anyone who thinks otherwise. I enjoy discussing this subject with intelligent people (i.e. Farker, DanGrossen) and don’t intend to purposefully offend anyone (except maybe our city council) and hopefully we can actually do some good in helping our community and parking situations.

Hey I've got a prediction...

I'll bet anyone fifty bucks the booting companies and property owners get the new booting ordinance changed to fit what they want it to be. Any takers?

This pains my heart

First off I don't know whether you can get towed in 30 seconds, but I know for a fact you can get booted in 30 seconds :-) !

Here's a situation. I went to work today and noticed a car got booted in our lot. Being curious I went to check it out to see why. Apparently, it looked maybe like a girl visiting one of the apartments here. Now I don't know if this is true or not but there's a sign she put up that reads "Please, Please don't boot me! I can't get my car to start!"

I thought about this. What if it's true...or...what if it's just a ploy for free parking??? Obviously if signs like these were posted on cars were ignored, all hell would break loose. But on the other hand what if her car really couldn't start? How do you solve that?

Now the Riviera a few years ago monitored there own parking lot and it simply didn't work. Students complained that the guy they had do it was too lazy, inconsistent, and too lenient. Resulting in no parking for many of the residents. Now UPE monitors the lots, they're seen as strict, anal, greedy, and a few other things, but the result is still the same. Has it gotten better? I don't know...

Back to this girl who got booted...did she get booted because booters aren't lenient...because the booter just wanted to pocket some extra cash for the night...or because he needs this job (heaven help him if this is the case)

Why are the booters payed by commission. I've never fully understood this. Is it because this is the only way (how the system as it is now) will work. If not paid by commission would this booter just have passed this car up???

Dan, I thought that I should

Dan, I thought that I should login and clarify to you the situation at the Riviera apartments that you are refering to. This vehicle was parked for over a week with a note saying that she couldn't start her vehicle and that she would move it tomorrow. She was left alone for over a week with this note and then was booted. She was allowed several days to release the boot and still no word. She was finally towed and then came in to pick up her car up the next day. I think that we gave her ample time to take care of her situation.

Wow, Mike, I never thought we

Wow, Mike, I never thought we'd see you on this site.

This is the kind of situation that leaves no doubt that this girl deserved the boot she got. And I'm sure you guys hear all sorts of excuses on a regular basis.

What is your take on the purpose of this site (Booterwatch), i.e. do you believe there are legitimate incidents when your employees place boots they shouldn't? And what's the story with your letter to the mayor? It never got any more press coverage than a less-than-credible story from the Daily Universe. What part of the law change did you disagree with? Is your business making any changes since the most recent publicity of booting? This site doesn't really get much from the "other side," so I'd be interested in what you have to say.

Has anyone ever heard from any other companies besides UPE?

In my Sunday travels I was looking at the many signs posted at the various properties around town and noticed that University Parking Enforcement held the majority of the properties. I would suggest maybe contacting the other companies like Black Diamond, or Knights Parking Enforcement. I think that in order to post a complaint against a booter you must put which company booted you.

As for being able to tow a vehicle in less than 30 seconds, MikeL what do you think? I bet you can, and probably half of your enforcement staff as well. I wasn't exaggerating at all, it is completely possible.

Now remember Farker, Parking Enforcement companies were created by Property Owners, so I don't think the Booters are the ones "drunk with power". That's like saying Provo City Power is drunk with power because they know Provo needs them as well. I understand that this web-site was designed to fight against money grubbing booters, but look at the first two examples given already...How many boots like these were on the old Booterwatch? Nobody has come out since Booterwatch has been re-opened with a legit story, and maybe now that MikeL can answer some questions I doubt many more will either. I really question how much he actually reads from this web-site though, so I wouldn't be surprised if we never hear from him again.

My Boot Story

I am a byu student who just moved into Condo row last night at 6 oclock. My roomates all switched so none of them really knew how to get a parking pass. Well an hour after I moved in i got a boot. I told the guy I just moved in to the place and that I would get a pass when they were open, but he just told me I should have planned ahead and that he didnt care really that I lived there I still would have to pay. I told him that his office wasnt even open so I could get a pass, but he still said it was my fault. I even called my landlord and had her tell them. Still nothing. I just dont understand how they can possibly think that there is no excuse possible to get that thing off your car. I wish there was something I could do, I am going to take pics of it all.Let me know what you guys think. I doubt an appeal would work, the guy I talked to is such a jerk.

jwj29-- The Provo City


The Provo City council has instituted new rules and penalties regarding "predatory" booting. Your story sounds like it would qualify. I suggest taking the case to small claims court. You don't need an attorney, just take your story and your evidence before a judge. You're entitled to a refund plus up to $500 if I understand the new law correctly.

Branburry park

This is about one of the most poorly manged apartments that I have ever lived in, I have not gotten booted yet,

I just know from that the parking spaces are way too small.. My door keeps getting dinged, because I can't open my door with out baning into someone elses, or they bang into my car.... irritating, and they posted this note on everyone's door about how if you don't park with in the TOO SMALL SPACES, they will boot you, so typical of this place

evil &^*&*^#$ ya so there rent keeps dropping because the mangement sucks so bad....
will not live here

Wrongfully booted in Orem by UPE

Josh, 23, BYU, Booted at Sunset Heights Stake Center Bldg. in Orem near UVSC on back street parallel to Univ. Pkwy. on Jan. 9 2006 at sometime in the day or afternoon. The church parking lot has a sign posted just above the UPE sign on the same pole that says "UTA Patrons" and explains that UTA Patrons have special permission from the lot owners (LDS Church) to use the lot as a park and ride so long as they do not litter, park over night, etc. My wife rides the express bus to SLC for her job each morning and parked here. When she got home that evening she had been booted. The booter made her pay and said she needed a permit to park there. However, nowhere on the church's sign addressed to UTA Patrons does it say that, only that you have to follow their list of rules (no 24 hr. parking, etc.)

This is clearly a violation and a wrongful boot. Must we request the lot owner (Church) to instruct UPE to refund us in order to get our money back?

Parking Enforcement at Glenwood

I would like to share my booting experience. My name is Tianna, and I'm 26. I've only been booted twice and have no problem with parking being enforced. As long as it's just. One of those times I will freely admit I deserved, the other absolutely not. Last night I arrived at my apartment just after midnight, parked in one of the only spots available and went to bed. The next morning I went out to my car to find that I had been booted. I immediately called UPE and told them I needed someone to come take the boot off. After I told them I didn't feel like I should have to pay because there was a parking sticker on my car, the guy immediately accused me of putting the sticker in my car after the boot was in place. He then became very rude and refused to come out if I didn't have any money on hand. So I went to the Glenwood office. They called UPE and found out that the boot was put on my car because I was supposedly parked in a handicapped space. To which the girl managing the office said, "I didn't know we even had handicapped spots here." After walking back out to my car and inspecting the area, I found absolutely no sign posted to state it was a legitimate handicapped space. However, there was a very faded and only half there paint job under my car. I decided to call Provo city Planning & Zoning to see if I really was in the wrong. I was told that for it to be a legally marked handicapped parking space, it needed to have a vertical, and visible sign posted above ground level. I called UPE back and tried to explain the situation again, to which I was treated very rudely and disrespectfully. Even after explaining that they were trying to boot me illegally and I knew they were in violation of the law, I was just responded to with "well, if you want the boot off, pay us the money." I did some more research and came across this site, I read another post by a guy who had a similar situation to mine. He apparently had to go through his bank to clear up the matter because UPE made themselves completely unaccessable. I concluded that I would have to do the same, so I went out to my car to call and get the boot off. Only it wasn't there! I called UPE and found out that the manager had walked in and overheard the jerk I'd spoken with talking about our conversation. He told them that what had been done was completely illegal and if I had paid to get the boot off I could've sued them. So the manager had driven out himself and removed my boot to make sure it got taken care of. In my case, I got lucky and the right thing was done. So props to that manager. Too bad I had to miss work today because of someone's stupidity. I wish they could refund me for the pay I missed out on. And also if a boot is just or not, there is no excuse for being a complete prick and treating someone like crap. I wish more people who are actually booted unfairly would make the time and effort to fight it. Maybe it'll help the booters get rid of their "I'm God" and "I'm above the law" attitudes. Too many people I know just roll over and take it because they feel like it's a no-win situation and they don't want to waste their time or be treated like garbage by the booters. So too many booters continue to extort money from as many people as possible because they can get away with it.

Boot to the head

If the manager was really interested in enforcing parking, he would fire that booter, since he was obviously more interested in getting his commission than enforcing parking.

But I have my doubts.

I agree with you guys, that

I agree with you guys, that guy was a jerk. But I have my reservations with firing a person over just a single issue. If it repeats, then of course, I'd fire him/her.

"There are more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy." - Hamlet, Shakespeare

Univeristy Village

Black Diamond Towing at University Village booted my friends truck while it was running. Chutzpah.

long time....

It has been a long time since I have been on this site. I work for UPE and the stories I read on here are so entertaining. Seriously, It is interesting to really know the story and then to hear "most" of the truth on this site about the issue.

For example. I think that the story written in January, a few up from this entry, is great. The guy tells a story about his wife having been booted at the Church parking lot near UVSC and his wife used the bus, right? He also mentioned that there is a sign, under UPE's that states the rules for UTA patrons, which is true. MOst of what he said was true except he left out the part of the UTA sign that says, "and all UTA patrons must follow any other rules set forth by the PRIVATE property that is used for parking". And just for the record, UPE's sign says that parking is by permit only from 730am to 300pm. Anyone can park there that works for the church office building in SLC and obtains a permit from them.

Anyway, I think that it would be great if someone would challenge my story cause a majority of them on here leave out very important details, like the one I stated above. Thus making us look like liars and cheats (but the truth about many stories probobly wouldnt change many people's minds about us anyway). It always leaves me speachless when I read stories about UPE "breaking the law" yet these people pay the fine without police involvement. FYI: Police do come out sometimes and 99% of the time, no laws were broken. I know that one of you will use that one percent margin of error to say "see, blah blah blah". So, yes, we have had some idiots work here that have done stupid things. They dont work here anymore and if there are more in the future, they will be fired too.

I guess that I have come the a conclusion that most of you dont care about what really happens out there... you just want a story...kind like the media.

And about that girl who wrote the story from glenwood, I know nothing about it. I too agree that there are no handicap stalls that I am aware of so I will look into that story and get back to you. See you at Church on sunday.

MOst of what he said was

MOst of what he said was true except he left out the part of the UTA sign that says, "and all UTA patrons must follow any other rules set forth by the PRIVATE property that is used for parking". And just for the record, UPE's sign says that parking is by permit only from 730am to 300pm. Anyone can park there that works for the church office building in SLC and obtains a permit from them.

Yeah, right. I've been to said parking lot. I've seen the signs. If there is anything indicating "permit only" parking, it is, at best, obscure. I went there with a friend and he and I checked all the entrances to make sure some money-hungry booter couldn't get to us, and found no reason we could not park and head up to Salt Lake for the day. The permit-only might be the policy, but it is hardly clear to the average person going there. At least, last time I was there (last year).

Keep lining your pockets, buddy.

Dearest farker

Could you please explain to me how to post them? I have them ready so I could also send them to your email. FYI- the signs havent changed in least 3 years that I know of. MASON- maybe I could send them to you and then you could post them?


Thanks for the book on how to post a picture. I guess if I get around to reading it I will post the sweet pics.

Hey Billy

I'm not trying to pick a fight with you. I have nothing against you personally. I'm just said you were going to check into my story. So I'm just wondering if you had? I can honestly say there's not one thing I wrote that was exaggerated or untrue.

Farker, Farker, Farker

I think it's interesting how you, Farker, have a history on this website of complaining about so-called illegal boots. You say that it's illegal booting that bothers you, yet, when it comes right down to it you just want something to complain about. I think your problem is one of personal responsibility. Your posting in May of 2005 about how University Villa screwed you out of your money after you willingly gave it to them and made your intent to live there clear is quite amusing. What about contracts did you not understand? Did you even read it? I presume that this is the reason that you didn't get all of your money back. If it was so wrong, why didn't you take them to small claims or at the very least get the police involved? Could it be because you had no case?
Quite often the contracts that we sign when we move into a complex contain a clause that states that you recognize that there is parking enforcement. You sign it and thereby acknowledge it. The Provo city ordinance on booting and towing is what governs booting and towing companies here in Provo. Yes, people may be new to Provo and not realize that parking enforcement is an issue here. However, that's no reason to have a beef with the companies. They are preforming the service that the tenants have recognized as being present on that property and that managements and HOA's want. Where there are signs posted within the parameters that Provo city sets, parking enforcement there is completely legal.
Maybe you don't understand or agree with what I am saying - let me give an illustrative example. A few months ago I had my vehicle parked for sale on State Street in Orem. I came back to my vehicle some 48 hours later to move it so as to not get towed after the 72 hour limit. Well, I found a ticket on my vehicle for trying to sell my vehicle on a city street. Had it been you, I'm sure you would have fought it tooth and nail. Did I? No. It would have been my responsibility to educate myself on the laws of the city before using the city streets in this manner. My bad. Another example that I came across is the fact that Orem police can ticket hitchhikers. It's the law, yet there are no signs that say it. So what would be my argument if I got such a ticket. There are many more examples, but I'm sure you understand my point by now.
It's just amusing that you have such a big beef with parking enforcement companies, yet their activity is completely legal. Parking enforcement companies don't force anyone to park anywhere, so at what point are the people in violation going to start being responsible adults? It's called accountability. If this activity is so illegal and not right, then why do the police side with the parking enforcers when called upon?
It seems to me that some people simply need to begin to live in the real world, Farker.

UPE... PR department.

Looks like it mus be the slow time of year for the booting/towing industry. They have enough free time on their hands to show up here and try to make themselves sound better then they are. It's always the same thing isn't it?

"They are preforming the service that the tenants have recognized as being present on that property and that managements and HOA's want."

All about performing the service... yep gotta keep performing the service for the community. Has nothing to do with making money... just gotta keep performing the service for the community. How about paying the booters an hourly wage and not commission for each boot they put on? Maybe charge them for every illegal boot and inconvenience they incur, and yes it happens, you guys even admit to it.

So, yes, we have had some idiots work here that have done stupid things.

Defend it all you want Melvin, Billy the kid, Booters rule, i boot you... and whatever other name you come up with after forgetting your log on information here. The point is you are in the wrong place, we hate you here, no i don't speak for this forum as a whole but if there is any doubt then post a poll and we will find out for sure. Take your happy go lucky pro booter propoganda somewhere else.

El Mad Dog

Looks like El Mad Dog has been the unfortunate recipient of the Alpha Lock Wheel Immobilizer. At least by his “tone” I would assume so. (And another club member who blames the booting companies and doesn’t take responsibility for parking where he shouldn’t).

Funny how you want us to leave this dominated forum of Mason and Farker and avoid hearing the truth about the stories posted here.

Once again, you are just like the media. You quote me to prove a point about how we are “dishonest” but leave out the context of the quote thus distorting the meaning. This is what I wrote:

“So, yes, we have had some idiots work here that have done some stupid things. They don’t work here anymore and if there are more in the future, they will be fired too.” This is what you wrote:

“So, yes, we have had some idiots work here that have done some stupid things.

Smile El Mad Dawg, it’s a beautiful day.

Just like everything else you say...

Billy billy billy... wrong again, try as you might you idiots have never managed to boot me. I have however witnessed many illegal boots (i say ilegal based on the Provo city code on booting and towing). Isn't it amusing that both Farker and myself have never boon booted and can still recognize the unethical business practices that you will continue to defend until you can get a real job?

Billy and Melvin

Billy next time you post it would be sweet if you'd use your real name. That way it can be clear that billy the Kid is Marshall and Melvin is Mike the owner. It is obvious by the way they write. Marshall uses sweet frequently as the rest of the long time employees of UPE. Mike is more formal when he writes. From now on use marshall or mike instead of billy or melvin.

A whole year now...

Could it be that people are starting to realize that once you accept responsibility for your own actions there really isn't anything to complain about?!

Was I scammed into a boot?

The other day I illegally parked at The Elms and I was booted. The nice man that took my boot off and whom I paid explained to me where I should park to avoid a boot in the future. I understood that I illegally parked and, even though I only parked there to run something into a friend and I was only two minutes, I was in violation and I had to pay for the boot. Two days later I went to a halloween party at the same place and, in order to avoid a boot, I parked in one of the spots that the man told me to park in. 45 minutes later when I came out my car was booted. The same man arrived later only to explain that he didn't understand that I didn't live in the Elms before and that he was sorry. He thought that when he had given me a boot last time that I was a resident of the Elms, yet I was parked in a "no parking". Now I was booted because I didn't have a permit. I should have been aware that parking in the Elms is prohibited without a permit, but I honestly didn't think of it because he told me that I could park there. I was just doing what he told me to do to avoid a boot. I tried explaining these things to him and he agreed with me that it was not fair and that it was his fault, but he said that I would still have to pay or he would be fired. He told me to appeal the boot. I went to appeal the boot and they told me to send in a copy of the warning paper that they had taped on my window (it was raining that night and was destroyed before I even got into my car) and that I needed a copy of the reciept, which was not given to me. I sent an email to university parking enforcement asking them what I should do, but they have yet to respond. I'm not trying to weasle my way out of a boot. I'm responsible and I paid for the boot, but I feel like I was scammed into it and I don't think that is right. I guess the question is: If I was illegally parked, yet it was explained to me by an official that I could park there, is that my fault? Was I scammed into this boot? What can I do?!