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My night at Provo City Hall

Wow, tonight was like a who's-who of the Provo booting controversy. To set this up let me first explain what's happened in the last 24 hours.

So I wake up this morning to discover that Booterwatch made the front page of the Daily Universe. Then the text messages and phone calls start coming in. I walk to campus and everybody I know is saying, "Hey, saw you in the paper ... Way to go ... etc." At this point I still hadn't gotten ahold of a paper to read the article for myself.

Finally I get to campus and read the article, which I thought was pretty good, all-in-all. I wish they would have used some of my other quotes, but thankfully Quinn's quotes pretty much covered what was left out of my own.

At about 3 pm I'm finally able to check my email and I see that I've gotten a message from Dan Rascon of KUTV (Channel 2 news in Salt Lake) saying that he saw the Daily Universe story and would like to interview me. I call him back and explain to him that I'll be at the 7 pm city council meeting and we arrange do to interview there.

Shortly after arriving at the city council I finally meet Mike, the owner of University Parking Enforcement, and Marshall, one of his employees. It was cool to meet these guys face to face. (And strange to have them tell me "good luck" as I stepped outside to be interviewed by KUTV.)

After my interview, Dan also interviewed Mike. And during this whole process Spencer was there filming for his booting documentary.

Dan brings up something about a former employee of University Parking Enforcement named Nate who's apparently speaking out about his former employer's business practices (or lack thereof). It was the first I'd ever heard of this guy. (Nate, are you out there? If so, email me at I'd like to talk to you more about this.)

Anyway, I wasn't very impressed with my performance in the interview. I hope it comes out ok. It was going to air on the 10:00 news but Dan got a call about a bomb-threat in Orem and rushed off to cover that. He called me a short while later and said it probably won't air until Wednesday's 10:00 news.

After the interview I went and sat down in the meeting. Of course the new booting ordinance was the 4th thing on the agenda, and the first item took forever to discuss. I'm not even sure if they were done with it by 10:15 pm when I finally had to leave.

While sitting in the meeting I met Victoria who wrote the Daily Universe story, along with her editor, and a BYU TV reporter named Mary.

By this time people were starting to get aggravated at how long it was taking the council to get to the Booting ordinance and some of them started congregating outside the meeting.

So, I stepped outside and started meeting people. I met a reporter from the Deseret Morning News (who I didn't get a chance to interview with), along with Todd Hollingshead of The Daily Herald--who was a really sharp guy.

I also talked met France Nielson--the president of BYUSA--who I'm relieved to know was in attendance, along with two BYU students named Russell (is that right?) and Jase (sp?) who each had quite a bit to say about booting.

It was disappointing that I couldn't stay for the whole meeting, but with 3 essays to write by midnight, I had to go.

In all, the proposed ordinance change is a step in the right direction, but I don't think it's nearly enough. More on this later.

(Jase, were you able to go before the council with your booting story? Did you get the chance to explain to them what you and I had talked about? In general, how did it go?)

Anyway, that was my night down at city hall. I'm glad to see that this issue is getting the attention it deserves. It would have been great if more students would have shown up. Early in the meeting they asked how many people in attendance were there for each of the agenda items and we didn't have near as many hands as they had for some of the other items. It would have been awesome if we could have had 50 hands raised.

Maybe we can be better organized next time. I'll keep you all posted about this.

I think you'll be happy

Well, I ended up sticking it out. They weren't done till midnight, but they did pass the resolution. The vote was 5 to 2. The two that were against the resolution did not agree with the clause about a 500 dollar fine for the booters. They felt it would have been better at 250 dollars.

I did get some good interviews and great footage, so thanks to all those who let me talk to you.

Break it down...

Can someone translate from the legalese into normal speak, what exactly is bad about the old ordinance, and what the amendment has changed/fixed?

Off-topic, but didn't Todd Ho

Off-topic, but didn't Todd Hollingshead write for the Universe last year? Really funny articles? About the only reason to pick up the paper? Man, the Universe could use someone else like him.

Do you know which council mem

Do you know which council members opposed the $500 in favor of the $250 rate?

yeah, from what I can gather

yeah, from what I can gather he used to write for the Universe and was slowly shifting over to the Herald, where I believe he's now employed full-time.

not really...

it was one guy and one lady