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Bradshaw's Stance on Homosexuality Revisited

from the let's-get-it-straight dept.
Jeff writes "I haven't been so sure about the homosexuality debate swarming the recent lecture given by Dr. Bradshaw about biological factors surounding homosexuality and the application of the Atonement to the situation. Ty Mansfield submitted this powerful editorial in an attempt to clarify Dr. Bradshaw's message. So now the question is, does this change anyone's stance? Or do you still feel the same way about homosexuality and biology?"

Ty is Right

I especially appreciate Ty's clarification of what I've felt for a while but didn't quite know how to put into words. I don't think Dr. Bradshaw was saying that someone CAN'T change through the Atonement, but that we can't expect that change to happen in the way and time that we expect. It may very well be that someone is doing all they can to change, and the change just hasn't occurred yet and may not occurr in this life. We are in no place to judge them. Isn't the Gospel all about the direction you're moving in rather than where you're at?

Thanks Ty

This portion of Ty's letter really brought it home for me:
An individual I know who is homosexual said, "The main reason I appreciated the lecture on the biological factors involved with this issue is so many people have been thrust into depression and self-loathing because they can't seem to do anything about their attraction. But if we can see that it may be something inherent, maybe that can change our attitude from being 'I cannot be worthy until I get rid of this attraction' to 'I'm going to do everything to be worthy despite this attraction.'"
I really believe that there are people that struggle with homosexual attraction and struggle to feel worthy, even when they done nothing wrong. I don't think that Dr. Bradshaw was excusing inappropriate acts, but he did seem to want to open our eyes to extreme difficulty some of our peers face.

Amen Ty

Ty's comments are succinct, correct, and should cause others to rethink previously held misconceptions. As a member of the church who struggles with an affinity for the same gender I can stand as an additional witness of the veracity of Ty Mansfield's editorial response. I hope those at BYU will humbly consider the struggle of those around them who are sincerely seeking to follow the Lord and live in his church.

I don't think we understand what some people experience

Recently I interacted with some homosexuals that were high school and college age, and I was amazed at how outcast they felt from the Church. They were hungry for acceptance and love. I couldn't help but wonder how they'd been treated by their families and peers, and I can't imagine what I would do if my son or daughter came to me and confessed homosexual attractions. All in all, it was an eye-opening experience for me, and I realized that in most cases we really don't have any idea what other people are going through.