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Here we go again: BYUSA elections

I guess I'll vote for Patrick Douglas and Jasmine Kwong because they're making the fewest promises. You can read the other candidates' platforms here.

So Jenna, do you plan on running anytime soon? (Update: because I'd definitely vote for you.)

oh boy

loaded question there.
I am not sure if the presidency dream is something that is burning inside of me yet. If I do run though, it will be next year. It's alot of responsibility for not much in return.

What would you guys like to see candidates addressing?

I like the activity feedback platform, as well as the idea for more activities for married students (I happen to be in charge of 2 activities for married students this year and am finding out that those who are married are feeling a little jipped), I think the teacher evaluation will work if the administration doesnt feel the need to edit everything before we can set eyes on it.

Even though BYUSA is a black hole that eats up my life I still feel passionate about it. I hope that those who are running will actually follow through with what they say.

Who does everyone plan on voting for?


Watch...I'll prolly post on this tomorrow...

Thanks for the compliment Mas

Thanks for the compliment Mason!

I love how I hear nothing abo

I love how I hear nothing about the candidate's platforms until the first day of primaries. And by "platform" I of course mean "poster".

Oh, no, wait, their actually are issues being confronted. A week-long event dedicated to service? Great! Then I don't have to do service the rest of the year.

But what do I know. I'm one of those guys that's still waiting for the student-run radio station.

For reflection...

I don't understand why there are any single activities at all at BYU! We should place a greater emphasis on the fact that married people are more along the line of what God wants us to be than unmarried single people; therefore, we not only need greater activities for married people, we need to eliminate the priority of single people all together.

Yeah, i've gotten pretty cyni

Yeah, i've gotten pretty cynical about the promises made by people running for the BYUSA presidency. Was it David Johnson who promised the radio station? I'm not sure if I've got his name right.

I remember him personally approaching my friends and I and telling us about it. It sounded cool, so we voted for him.

Yeah, that was the last I ever heard of our "student radio station".

The problem is that they make promises they're not capable of following through with, and that's just not right. But I've seen it every single year. It appears that whichever candidate makes the biggest promises wins.

Now about not hearing anything until just now ... that's because of the rules governing the election process. They're weren't allowed to campaign until today--thank goodness.

Here, here.

After all, we all know who the real righteous ones are. So, why should we pander to the singles? Besides, the singles should no better.

That's an odd rule. Its kind

That's an odd rule. Its kind of like saying, "We know you are just a puppet representative, you know you are just a puppet representative, the people you are "representing" know it, too, so why don't we just limit how annoying you can be before you get there, okay?"

Some of their other rules

These are just the rules governing "Media" during their campaigns. The complete set of rules is located here.

• Brigham Square may only have one banner per campaign and up to three banner frames in the other quads will be provided for each campaign on a first-come, first-served basis.

• Each campaign may design one color banner to be hung in Brigham Square. The cost for printing and laminating will be covered by the Elections Committee. Please make arrangements with the Elections Chair for printing and copying before February 22nd. The dimensions of the poster must be 32” x 60”.

• You must reinforce the corners of outdoor banners with vinyl before lamination and attach grommets.

• Shoddy (e.g., torn corners, poorly made, unprofessional, etc.) campaign media will be removed.

• Two posters per campaign (18”x 24” maximum size) may, with permission, be hung in the Cannon and Morris Centers. Posters are not permitted in the Heritage Central Building due to lack of space.

• One flyer per campaign (8.5”x11” maximum size) may be posted in each residence hall lobby. Flyers should be posted on bulletin boards unless the hall advisor approves another location.

• Candidates may distribute flyers in the Morris and Cannon Centers during active housing campaign times (See Campaigning Times section below).

• Each candidate pair will provide background and platform information to BYUSA which will be posted on an informational website.

• Campaign booths are available along the outside of the Bookstore on the west side of the building. Outside booths may be scheduled at the Front Desk in 3400 WSC on a first -come, first-served basis.

• Booths are also available inside the Wilkinson Student Center on the north end of the terrace.

_ Indoor booths will be randomly assigned and rotated each day.

_ A campaign may choose not to utilize their booth for the day.

_ Booths can be manned from 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM.

So basically this is saying that the "twenty people with jamboxes pumping old michael jackson songs all over campus and sporting neon orange signs" campaign from my freshman year is out the window, which stinks because it was one of the funnest weeks to walk around campus that year. I still don't understand why they didn't win. They at least had my vote.