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Two shot dead in home on 9th East

The victims are a young couple in their 20's. The home is at 923 E. 200 N. They're saying it might be a murder-suicide.

Read about it here.

Update: There's more info in this Daily Universe story. I've emailed next door neighbor, Alex Moreno, who's quoted in the article to see if he has any other details on this.

The main things I'm wondering are: Were these BYU students? Were they church members? Had you ever noticed them behaving oddly in the past?


I'm sure the Provo cops are in over their heads. The other night, at Branbury apartments, there was a grease fire. It required three fire trucks, two ambulances, and a cop. Nobody hurt, nobody threatened, just a grease fire.

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The real story

Aint nuthin but a gansta partie...

two bodies found in east provo

this is alex, the guy somewhat misquoted in the daily universe. the couple were not BYU students and could have been inactive members of the church. the wierdest part of this whole ordeal is that they seemed to be doing so much better in the last little while. there was nothing suspicious happening that would have lead any of us to believe that something like this could have happened.

So sad.

So sad.