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Reality TV's hunger for fresh Mormon meat continues

I guess I'm a little late with this, but BYU graduate, and church member, Ashlee Ashby is one of this season's contestants on Survivor. And as the Salt Lake Tribune points out, she's rasing a ruckus:

Salt Lake Tribune

Ashby, 22, earned a communications degree from BYU, lives in South Carolina and hopes someday to open her own health club. In the brief video clip, the bubbly gal talks about her "moral standards" as a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints while expressing hope that being on TV will make her a sex symbol.

In the clip's most eye-popping bit, Ashby says people find her religious faith somehow incompatible with her physical attributes: ''They're astonished to believe that, 'You're Mormon? You haven't had sex? And yet you have huge, humongous breasts!' ''

Yes, she actually says that. You can watch her Survivor intro video here.

The string of church members we've had on reality TV shows over the last few years has ... led me to the conclusion that it's something like 47 times easier to be selected for one of these shows because of our religion.

Let's see, first there was Julie Stoffer, then Kelly Wiglesworth, then Neleh Dennis (who we can thank for embarrassing us by popularizing "oh my heck" across the country), then Lena and Kristy Jensen (whose amazing race intro video unfortunately bears a striking resemblance to Ashlee's). (And then there was Shawn Nelson who won Fox's Rebel Billionaire. Nobody actually watched that show though, so he doesn't really count).

Forgive me for digressing, but all of this reminds me of the time I saw a guy approach two gorgeous girls at a UVSC dance while waving a $20 bill. He and his buddies were pressuring them to do something but I couldn't hear what they were saying so I didn't know what it was. People started to crowd around and the pressure mounted. Suddenly the two girls looked at each other and started french kissing. Everybody screamed, some clapped, and the money was handed over. These two girls sold themselves out for a measly $20. It was sick. (That was, by the way, the last UVSC dance I ever went to.)

It appears that the world enjoys watching us sell out on our beliefs, or at least the chance to see them paraded around publicly so they'll have something to laugh at. Yes, it's true: with the advent of reality TV we've become a literal freak-show.

But, it's what the market demands. The market has pushed the price it's willing to pay to the point where some of us are now willing to break rank and consent to their demands. And honestly, it makes me a little sick.

On the bright side, I guess there was Ken Jennings. At least he made a good name for the church and was able to succeed because of his merit instead of, say, his "huge, humongous breasts" or willingness to bend the rules we're supposed to live by as Latter-day Saints.

You forgot to list the fellow

You forgot to list the fellow who won "The Biggest Loser." I believe he was LDS too.

wish those were brains!

she's definitely no ken jennings.

they aren't that bad

I don't think that these people put out a bad name... I didn't even know Kelly was Mormon until I read this article. I for one, don't see a problem with Mormons applying for reality shows, and if they have a better chance of getting on because they're Mormon, then milk it for all it's worth.. think of it as an added blessing. I've applied a couple times to various reality shows, but I haven't resorted to the "Mormon Card" yet, but it's about to come out... Just as long as they keep their clothes on it's all good.