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Should Girls Ask Guys Out?

from the new-age-dating dept.
So having discussed the issues that keep some guys from asking girls out below, it's time to talk about how guys feel about girls who ask them out. Guys--when is it cool, and when's it not? Girls, how often do you ask guys out? Why do you ask them? What kind of guys do you ask out?

Girl speaking here--I'll ask

Girl speaking here--I'll ask a guy out maybe every six months--usually only if I'm interested and/or if there is something I'd really like to go to with a date. I would like to be able to just ask guys out and have it be low pressure and fun, but I really worry about them getting the wrong idea and thinking that I'm super interested.

I like it when girls ask me o

I like it when girls ask me out. It's so nice not to have to plan or pay for a date. I think I'm pretty good at being able to tell when a girl is interested and when she just wants to have fun.

dating and DATING

Before I went on my mission, I dated just about any girl whether I asked her out or she asked me out. It was just really casual and fun. Since I've been home, I have found that more often than not that at the end of the date, the girl goes for a "shoe in" for the second date. Something like "so, will we do this again sometime?". She'll either leave it at that or she'll take the next step and commit me to calling her. As such, I've stopped dating for fun. As much as I would like to date just for fun, girls get the wrong idea and it turns into either a relationship or an awkward situation.

Having said that, I will address the issue at hand. If a girl wants a guy to ask her out, she should flirt with him. If she can't, she should learn how. He'll ask her out if he's interested. Whenever a girl asks me out, I always end up doing something I'd rather not be doing with someone I'd rather not be with. If girls would just stop asking guys out, the overall enjoyment had by society on any given night would increase substantially. Don't do it, girls (unless he's asked you out before and IS interested in you).