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BYU Police Beat absurdities

It looks like just about anything can qualify as a crime nowadays:


A male individual has sent out at least two e-mails Feb. 11 to female students on campus claiming to be in their class and chastising them to dress and act more modestly.

Am I missing something here? It's not that I agree with the way this guy's handled himself, but since when did it become illegal to inform someone of your opinion?

Now it'd be different if he had done this repeatedly, or made obscene comments or threats, but apparently he didn't.

Ah, the Police Beat

I love reading these things. The best I EVER read was a report of a man calling women and hypnotizing them over the phone. I guess it actually worked on one girl. That's about the coolest thing in the world.

Farker here

What kills me is that people actually call the police on this kind of stuff. Do they call 911? What do they say? "I have been threatened and abused! Someone told me to be more modest!" I am surprised the police even provide this information to be published.

And here I was thinking that the police spent most their time protecting the booters...

i bet

some goofball is doing this stuff just so he can read of his own exploits in the police beat. ridiculous.

hey, if pulling a stunt like that can get you booked...i'd be on death row.

too lazy to log in

this is Jen, and I have to laugh because my roommate last year actually recieved one of these emails. We emailed him back and told him he was a stupid jerk and to leave her alone. It was one of those fun freshman things to do but I also thought that it was ridiculous to waste your time emailing someone about that.

People should know that they

People should know that they are noticed, sometimes not in the way they intended.