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Lance Armstrong confirms plans to race in 2005 Tour de France

He's already broken the record for most consecutive Tour's won. Now he's going for a seventh. Read about it here.

Great news. My favorite event

Great news. My favorite event of the summer is the watching Lance and the Posties in the Tour de France, and listening to two of my favorite announcers in any sport...

In a British accent, something like this...

"Armstrong's last remaining teammate has pulled him alongside the lead group, who are straining with full resolve as they begin this monstorous ascent to the summit of Alpe'd'Huez! The leaders must have thought they had Armstrong as he has looked in poor form most of the day...Now he is edging ahead of Ullrich. What have we here, Paul?!? It looks like Armstrong has turned a long stare toward his chief rival!...AND THERE GOES ARMSTRONG!! THERE GOES ARMSTRONG!! He is dancing on the pedals as he rockets from the lead group! AND ULLRICH CAN'T FOLLOW!! He is trying, but the gap is the German hangs his head as he can find nothing in his motor to match the Texan! Armstrong is flying up this most storied climb of the Tour, and is just devastating the field! My goodness me! This is remarkable..."

Oh, yeah.