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Antidepressants: Are They Necessary?

from the be-happy dept.
Georgia writes:"With all this news lately about antidepressants making depression worse and contributing to suicide (Clinical depression not just sadness, FDA urges monitoring antidepressant patients), I've been wondering if they are really worth using and if there aren't better ways for dealing with depression. I haven't dealt with depression myself, but I'd be interested to hear from someone who has. The story in the Daily Universe made depression sound pretty bad. Are drugs really necessary? Aren't there other ways to be happy?

They worked great for my friends

I've had several friends that suddenly became quiet and withdrawn, for no apparent reason. When they were finally diagnosed with clinical depression and were treated for it, they were much more able to deal with the daily struggles of life. I say be careful, but if the medicine helps, take it. A lot of these same friends have tried to go without the medication, which almost always results in trouble.

Elder Scott said . . . .

In the October 2003 General Conference, Elder Scott said something that helped me understand depression and other emotional challenges better.

" . . . If you have emotional challenges that can be stabilized to meet the rigors of a full-time mission, you can be called. It is vital that you continue to use your medication during your mission or until competent medical authority counsels otherwise. Recognize that emotional and physical challenges are alike. One needs to do all that is possible to improve the situation, then learn to live within the remaining bounds. God uses challenges that we may grow by conquering them."

No easy answer...

I think in society today there is a tendancy toward medication instead of proper treatment, but certainly that is not always the case. My mom, sister, and two of my little brothers take varying medications for their depression. They are all convinced that it is the best solution for them and I am inclined to agree. I wish people would try other options first, like seeing a psychiatrist. I did once when I was young and it made all the difference in the world.