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Top ten cool things about attending the premier of "This Divided State"

I got into the premier of "This Divided State", the documentary about the controversy surrounding Michael Moore's visit to UVSC last October. Here are some highlights:

10. Seeing Joe Vogel, the recently resigned and estranged Student Body VP (co-organizer of MM's visit) wait sullenly to greet director Steven Greenstreet.

9. When Jim Bassi, current Student Body President (co-organizer of MM's visit) stood to clear up speculation about the state of his and Joe's friendship following Joe's resignation. He emphatically refused to speak badly about him.

8. Getting my picture taken with Don from Napoleon Dynamite and hearing him say "Vote for Summer, right?"

7. Hearing Ken, the Michael Moore lookalike who caused an uproar at the Sean Hannity event tell his son, "When you grow up you're going to look just like me".

6. The part in the movie where Sean Hannity's bodyguard pins Steven Greenstreet against the wall after he asks Hannity about his travel expense bill. Hannity used the opportunity to leave the room.

5. The interview in the movie with a BYU student named Michael Moore, about the many trials associated with having that name.

4. The part in the movie where Jim Bassi munches on commemorative "M&M"s his wife got him while listening to profane, seething voicemail messages in his office.

3. Watching the hot and bothered female Hannity supporter glare and shout at liberals.

2. Watching the Anti-Moore petition guy in the movie trying to collect signatures and explain himself.

1. Seeing Kay Anderson leave the theater after the movie in a huff and tell a reporter "They got what they wanted. Now everybody looks stupid".

i was there too

i enjoyed it quite a bit. brought back the good ol' memories of all the electricity. did you make it to d. michael quinn's lecture as well?

i find it funny that mr. anderson was threatening to sue of greenstreet used his home footage in the documentary when that was the only part of the film that could make us believe that he may actually possess a soul.

Steven Greentstreet article

At you guessed it

I know him

The fake Micheal Moore...

you should link this...good story

Best part of the movie

I thought the best part of attending the movie was watching Greenstreet's shots of his own production team filpping off and trying to debate Hannity. 10 years ago that would be an ethical violation that would cause a problem with credibility. Thanks to Moore, there are no more rules. Anything goes.